Social: Why KRK says – I’m alive for only one, two years

_100692050_c2317aab-4f6f-4ae7-a537-c95031d9ceab.jpgInstead of acting in Bollywood movies, Rakesh Khan, who is in the discussion for a sharp review, is in the news of KRK again.

The reason is a tweet of KRK

KRK wrote on Twitter: “It is now confirmed that I have cancer in my stomach. This is in the third stage. Because of this, I will live only for a year or two. I will not talk to those who will try to tell that I am going to die soon. ”
What else did KRK write on his illness?

“I do not want to live any day with anyone’s sympathy. I would praise those who would scold me, hate me and continue to love as before.
I want to be loved as a normal person, that’s what I want.
I am sad for my two wishes, which I will not be able to complete.
First of all, I want to make a grade film as a producer.
Secondly, I want to work with Amitabh Bachchan. Or I want to make a movie with him.
These two wishes of mine will end with me. Now I will spend my whole time with my family.
You love me or hate me, love you all. ”

What did people say about KKK’s disease?
Some people are shocked by this KKK tweet. At the same time some people are expressing suspicions about something right in tweet.

Twitter handle @ naxtrathestar1 wrote, “After your passing, people will remember that a bande shook whole Bollywood. The rest of the next two years, you keep abusing such things and keep on entertaining. ”

@GetMehSomeFood, responding to KRK, wrote, “In a few hours, KARK will release another press release and say that I have overcome the risk of cancer and now I am out of danger

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