Social: The missing ring, now ringing the finger in the finger is worn

_100622356_1.jpgTill now, someone used to propose someone by ring, but this method of proposing has begun to change now.

If the Instagram is to be believed, the ring in the UK has become a thing to wear now, not a thing to wear but a hole in the finger. Some people are now fit to ring their finger in a permanent finger to reflect their love.

It is being called single point piercing or dermal piercing. For this, a piece is inserted under the body in the skin, which is called anchor. The anchor is attached to the ring so that the rings without the rings remain in its place.

This ring looks like a precious diamond or stone adopted on the body.
Why are people wearing a ring by piercing?
According to research, ring prices can be one of the reasons.

Where the price of a ring in the UK can be more than one thousand pounds, the cost of ringing this ring is only 70 to 100 pounds.
There are also such ring wear compositions
The British Association of Dermatologists, who work on skin diseases, say, “If an anchor is not made by deep holes, it is susceptible to shifting from its place. And if it is darkened then it is thicker on it. It can be accompanied by inflammation, infection and pain. ”

The association says that putting a hole in the body is a medical procedure and it should be done only by a doctor, but this is not happening because the people of dermal piercing are also doing the work.
This type of pierced ring can be the most difficult to wear when it gets stuck in something else or when it is only clothed in cloth, it can be pulled in the clothes.

For all these reasons some Pearling Studios have said that they will not work for dermal piercing. They are telling the coming customers about the harm done

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