Social-Salman Khan case: ‘Deer hunted tiger’

_100708854_gettyimages-502029408.jpgIn the black deer hunting case, actor Salman Khan has been convicted by the Jodhpur court.

The court sentenced Salman to five years’ imprisonment and imposed a fine of ten thousand rupees. In this case Tabu, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre and Sapphire have been acquitted.
These cases of black deer are about 20 years old, when a lawsuit was filed in 1998 for hunting two black deer in the rural area of ​​Jodhpur.

This lawsuit has been registered under the Wildlife Act of India, under which there is a provision of punishment for up to six years on being proved guilty.

Before the judgment, Salman Khan’s lawyer Hastimal Saraswat had said in the court that Salman was implicated in a false case.
Salman punishes, discusses social
Rahul Raj wrote on Twitter – If Indian courts take 20-30 years to pronounce the verdict, how can we expect to change society in a day?

Seasonal tweeted, “Deer hunted ‘Tiger’ ‘.
Lakhan wrote while sharing the picture of Salman Khan of the film Sultan, the judge told Salman Khan that where the deer’s corpse is? Salman Khan showed his stomach. ”
There are many people who are sharing photos of Salman Khan’s films.
@AndColorPockeT wrote, “Sanjay Dutt had seen Bapu in the film. Salman bhai will see Bapu in jail … Asaram Bapu. ”

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Ankur writes, “Black deer, black act, now kalokothari and black night.” Ankit Roy wrote: Salman Bhai, sent to jail in the 5-year project.

Riyaz Ahmed writes, “Will the brother-in-laws not marry without a wedding?”

@RoflGandhi_ quivered, “Last week Modi sent his book to Salman Khan. The result is very good. ”
Dheeraj wrote, “Now Salman brothers will not remain lonely, Asaram is inside the jail.” Javed writes, “And once again it proved that there is more ‘respect’ than a person. ”

Ashutosh writes – After the deer hunting, Lord Rama himself had to suffer problems, then he is Salman.

Aishwarya Gupta writes: “Asaram will say to Salman – Swag will welcome you.”

Ashish Pradeep writes – I am afraid today that a reporter does not kill himself in place of deer

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