Social: ‘Salman comes all the way to escape from prison, start consultation’

_100742173_b2d35e75-f435-4dc5-90c2-9a113cfbf659Actor Salman Khan got bail from Jodhpur District sessions court on Saturday. They will have to pay fifty thousand rupees.

After some time Salman Khan was released from Jodhpur jail. On Thursday, a Jodhpur court had convicted Salman and sentenced him to five years in the case of black-diamond hunting case.

The Jodhpur District Sessions Court had heard Salman’s bail application on Friday, but due to lack of record of the lower court, the hearing was postponed till Saturday.

The crowd gathered outside the Jodhpur court complex since Saturday morning. As soon as the bail was granted by the court, Salman’s fans started jumping and dancing in happiness.

On the one hand, this was the situation outside the Jodhpur sessions court, and there were mixed reactions on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, called Rawalpindi Express, made a very serious tweet. He wrote that Salman got bail. I want one day in my life when it comes to the news that there is unrest in the world including Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, peace prevails. ”
Another tweeter handles have been tweeted that Tiger can not be kept in cages for a long time.
Another Twitter tweet by @ThisIsFarah has been tweeted that Salman is a very good man. He has done a lot for the people. Allah loves much justice.
On the one hand, those who want Salman are excited about getting bail and many people are upset with it.

Harish V. Nair writes that when a common man is sentenced to five years of imprisonment, he has to spend at least a month or two in jail and after that his appeals appear in the court.
Mahima Chhabria tweeted that now a brother should start a consultation because he comes in all ways to avoid going to jail.
At the same time, Sania Saeed writes that coming out of brother’s jail, the most unhappy will be Vivek Oberoi. When Salman was jailed, Sania tweeted exactly the opposite.
In this case, along with Salman Khan, film actor Saif Ali Khan, actress Sonali Bendre, Tabu, Neelam and Dushyant were also accused. But the court convicted Salman Khan and acquitted all the rest

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