Social: ‘No Yogi Government’s No Number to Build Ram Temple’

_100479709_ekshabdIn Uttar Pradesh, the government of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has completed one year.

In the past year, Yogi Sarkar has been in discussions with many things.

These include defeat from Anti-Romeo Squad to Gorakhpur by-election.

Now that the government has completed one year, we ask two questions from BBC Hindi readers.

First question: Tell one year of Yogi Sarkar in one word.

Second question: How many numbers will you give to the Yogi Sarkar?

We received thousands of people’s responses on these two questions. We are giving you a few selected comments here.
Yogi government in one word a year …
Dung: Gaurav Khanna
Babu ji’s Thullu: PK Gupta
Great: Anurag Tiwari
Cow urine: Arun Kumar Jain
Cow Government: Mohit Bishnoi
Change: Yogesh Shekhar
Useless: shadab
Golmaal: Bhanu Pratap Sharma
Pikora: Kamalendra Shukla
Anarchy: Pitambar Sharma
Corruption free: Dibesh Shukla
Win-Petrol: Gaurav Seni
Directionless: Ashish Tiwari
Painter: Rahul Yadav
Oxygen: Aziz

How many numbers to the Yogi government …
RK Sharma writes, “100 out of 100 will get Yogi Adityanath to praise the honest man like Yogi.”

Priya Singh wrote, “100 out of 100 in Gorakhpur and Phulpur. One year of Yogi Sarkar has got public response.”

On the Instagram, Ahmed wrote, “I do not have any hair, but Yogi still gives me 10 numbers.”

Anila Pathak writes, “I am from UP and will give 55. Yogi is a little better than Akhilesh but not much.”

Arvind Tripathi comments, “Yogis are those, they are the 5 lakhs out of 100 to make a false accusation of religion for votes.”

Madhu Mishra minus double zero number to the Yogi government.

Model Jha writes, “Until the Ram temple is formed, I will not give any number.”

Chandan writes on Twitter, “When all the files of the leaders are being closed, the crime will be free, thousand numbers from me.”

Lalit Kumar wrote, “Which score can be given below Zero?

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