Social: Is this child really the son of ‘Indian Army’s martyr’?

_100616241_murtaza-1.jpgEveryone has the pain of losing oneself. People’s emotions are also linked to pain. Whether it is a common man or a soldier who lives in the army,

If you look at some time in the past, the sentiments of the army are widely used on social media like arguments.

‘Army soldiers are on the outskirts and you ..’

“… the thought of the family of martyrs.”

Such things will often have passed on your social media front of your eyes. A similar post has now come to the discussion on social media.

This video post was a video shared three months ago from the ‘Indian Army-Service Briefs Self’ Facebook page.
What’s in this video?
In this video a child is singing. The song says, ‘Baba, my dear Baba, you also remember me.’

Sharing this video from the ‘Indian Army-Service Briefs Self’ Facebook page, “It is the son of an army officer. This child’s father had died fighting against the terrorists. The child’s mother also died after hearing this news. This child is studying in Army Public School. Look at the child’s confidence. ”

Until the news is written, the video has seen 83 million people and nearly three lakh people have shared the video.

There are thousands of comments on this post too. One comment from one of these comments is that of the man who shares the truth about the caption on the video.

Murtaza with his father Nadeem
‘This is my son and I am alive’
This comment has been written by Nadeem Abbas, the father of the singing child in the video.

He writes, “This is my son. My child’s name is Ghulam Murtaza. I’m alive. I am standing with my child at the end of this video. My father is also playing violin on stage. We have been associated with music for three generations. And yes I am a proud Pakistani. ”
Indeed, the child who is being described as ‘son of a martyr’ is Ghulam Murtaza, son of Pakistani singer Nadeem Abbas.

In 2014, there was an extremist attack in Pakistan’s Army Public School, in which 131 children were killed. In 2015 a program was organized on the first anniversary of the attack.

Murtaza and his father Nadeem sing in this program. This video is about that, some time ago Nadeem Abbas posted on Facebook.
Nadeem Abbas wrote these answers on this post a few weeks ago. But it has come recently in the eyes of people.

People on social media are sharing screenshots of Nadeem’s answer.

On Facebook, Acharya Ram Paltadas, a user named, writes, “If patriotism is stacked, then it fits like this.”

Kamal writes, “Well, some people had proven the son of the Indian soldier. Playing a pure emotional card that is the son of the military. But who is this man who came down and wrote the truth

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