Social: If Shashi Tharoor hear these ‘raw Hindi’, then you will beat the clap!

_100491884_dxzajmkx4aeyums.jpgWill try to learn one day everyday.

Let them laugh, today they will clap! ‘

These lines are not a press release of any poet convention. Those lines are Congress MPs and famous for the hard English Shashi Tharoor has said.

Shashi Tharoor shared his video on Twitter. With this video, Shashi writes, “Let me tell you two lines for the sake of those who take pleasure in listening to my raw Hindi.”
Tharoor’s Hindi talk on social media
Shashi Tharoor was referring to those people who used to taunt their days when they did not speak Hindi.

Shashi Tharoor has often been in the discussion about the selection of his English accents and words. In such a scenario, Shashi Tharoor once again read the lines of Yun poetry in Hindi, once again on social media.

Some people are praising Shashi Tharoor’s reading lines, so some people are still taking jokes.

Simmi Ahuja writes, “We still clap, we will still clap even tomorrow. Your effort will bring color, those who try is not lost. ”

Dhruv replies to Tharoor, “Those who used to burn your English, now they will burn their Hindi too. But the burners will continue to burn. ”

Polomi tears on the Hindi accent of Saha Tharoor- ‘Say clap, not tolly’.

Ankit wrote, “Like you have no break in English, so one day you will not have any break in Hindi too.”

Raman Deep wrote, “You embrace Hindi, the country will embrace you.”

@TwitzenWarrior asked Tharoor- “Talk about Hindi later. The country wants to know what is the secret of your hair. Which shampoo do you use? ‘
Tharoor spoke in a special conversation with the BBC?
At the beginning of this year, Rajesh Joshi, editor of BBC Hindi Radio, at the Jaipur Literature Festival held a special talk with Shashi Tharoor.

In this interview, Tharoor had said, “Indian realities are different, maybe writing a story of a village can not be written in English. If you want to write an IAS officer like Submanyu Chatterjee wrote in ‘English August’ It should be written in English only because he thinks in English only. If I talk to auto rickshaw in English, he will slap me.

The recognition of Indian languages ​​does not get as much recognition as people do not know about them because they do not get good translations of their writings.
There is a cultural thought behind every word. It can not be understood by looking at the dictionary, as it is difficult to explain the difference between you and you in English and write a footnote to explain every word and no one will read it. So many things are lost when translated from Indian languages. That is why sometimes foreigners have difficulty to understand our literature.

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