Social: Congress’s tweet from Sridevi

_100172121_gettyimages-97192908After the death of film actress Sridevi, a tweet of the Congress Party became the reason for its roles on the social media.

A tweet of Congress’s official Twitter handle on social media has been the subject of discussion.

Indeed, on Sunday after the 54-year-old actress’s death, Congress had tweeted her twitter handles in the morning, in which it was written: “We are sorry to hear about the death of Sridevi, a great actress, a veteran who loves our hearts. We will be alive through our work, we have deep condolences with their loved ones, and in 2013 they were awarded the Padma Shri by the UPA Government. ”

However, shortly after the Congress deleted these tweets.


Shezad Poonawala, who was criticizing Rahul Gandhi as the Congress President, tweeted on this. He tweeted his Twitter handle Shahzad Jai Hind, “It is sad that Rahul Gandhi’s team is trying to collect a political capital even on death. But was anyone surprised that he would do it?”
Geetika, Twitter Handel tweeted, “Congress has a PhD in politics on corpses, Sridevi has not even spared.
After such criticisms, the Congress deleted the tweets, but this trend started on social media. Twitter Handel, Anshul Saxena tweeted

He wrote, “The Congress has removed the tweet on Sridevi, but it has been damaged, he did not spare the politics of death. That is what you did with India, the unjust rule and after all its bad deeds, Deleted facts and history. ”
The Congress deleted the tweets, but after that there were several tweets about Sridevi from Congress’s Twitter handle. The tweet was deleted, the same tweet was repeated in the same picture, but the line given by the UPA to the Padma award was removed.
After this, the picture of the Padmashree being given to Sridevi by then President Pranab Mukherjee was also tweeted from Congress’s Twitter handle. “He received many awards in which he was awarded the Padma Shri, the country’s fourth highest award given by the Indian government in 2013. He got six Filmfare Awards, first he got at the age of 14,” Thunaivan “, four years old He started his career in. At the age of 12, he made his Bollywood debut with ‘Julie’. ”
The tweeting process does not stop here. Two more tweets were made by Congress’s Twitter handle, which said that he was a superb actress who worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayali and Kannada films.

The last tweet was told that after 15 years of break he returned from English-Winglish film in 2012, he was India’s first female superstar and he will remember

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