Social: Congress and BJP wooing about data leaks from Namo App

_100553243_namo.pngThere is a debate on the social media about the Narendra Modi Android App (NaMo App).

A campaign has been launched on social media to delete Namo App. Many of the Congress leaders are also tweeting with #DeleteNaMoApp hashtags.

In many tweets, people are being warned that ‘downloading Namo App’ will cause your personal data to leak ‘.

The BJP has also reversed this trend and said this claim is wrong.

BJP and Congress are accusing each other of misleading the people.

Congress Social Media Incharge Divya Vandan tweeted, “If you do something today, then #DeleteNaMoApp”


Divya Spandana / Ramya

If there is one thing you do today, let it be this – #DeleteNaMoApp

6:46 PM – 23 March 2018
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After this, Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha also tweeted, “#DeleteNaMoApp is the top trend. Every citizen of India should fight against this fascist party who had reached court to deny the right to our privacy. ”


Sanjay Jha

#DeleteNaMoApp is top trend About time every citizen of India fought against a dangerous fascist party that went to Supreme Court to deny us our right to privacy as a fundamental right.

9:23 pm – 23 March 2018 · Mumbai, India
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Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam has also tweeted, “Because of this day I have never downloaded Namo Apache.”


Sanjay nirupam

Because of this day, I never downloaded #NamoApp. # DeleteNaMoApp

11:20 pm – 23 March 2018
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At the same time, Union Minister Vijay Goel has responded to Divya Sapandan while defending BJP. He wrote, “Data thief wants to delete the Namo app from the Congress people. Ridiculous! Please do research thoroughly before making such a poor publicity. Best wishes for next time. ”


Vijay Goel

#DataChorCongress wants people to #DeleteNaMoApp Laughable! Kindly do some serious research before coming up with lame propaganda. Better luck next time, @divyaspandana!

11:06 pm – 23 March 2018 · New Delhi, India
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Vijay Goel shared a screenshot along with it. It says that, “You can also use Namo App as a guest user, where you do not have to give your phone number or email address, it’s like any other app that needs some information. is”

Gradually, there was a debate between the common people. People started to appear in both its support and opposition.

Actually, the debate started when a tweeter account called ‘Eliite Elderson’ was tweeted to leak data from Namo App.

This tweeted @ fs0c131y-
It has been claimed that after downloading Namo App, your personal data goes to a third party without your consent.

‘Eliite Elderson’ is a character in a TV series ‘Mr. Robot’, a cyber security engineer. This account has previously claimed security vulnerabilities in many applications, smartphones and other internet services.

What is naamo app
This is an official mobile app for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Through this, it can be directly connected to the Prime Minister that means that you will continue to reach their message and e-mail from time to time.

You can read the blog’s blog and biography on it.

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