Social: Amit Shah’s video viral tells Yeddyurappa to be ‘most corrupt’

_100581214_dzr73uhumaevlnh.jpgBharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah wrongfully said during a press conference on Tuesday, “If the competition is for corruption, the Yeddyurappa government will surely get the number one government award in corruption …”

As soon as Amit Shah fulfilled this point, then sitting on his left side East Karnataka BJP President Prahlad Joshi said, “Siddaramaaya is to speak.”

And sitting on the right side of Amit Shah, the BJP’s Karnataka chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa saw him in astonishment.
Amit Shah and Yeddyurappa (right)
This nine-second video shows this view, which the Congress party is promoting on social media.

Congress has said – this is gift
Divya Swadan, who held the Congress party’s social media, posted it on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

After this, several other Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, shared this video too.
Rahul Gandhi, while sharing this, wrote, “BJP’s IT cell released the dates of Karnataka elections before the Election Commission, and this video also came in. This video has been given by BJP President Amit Shah in the gift. It is true that Yeddyurappa’s government has been the most corrupt government till now, it is true, this is a good start of Karnataka elections. ”
Where did the video come from?

Actually, this video has been drawn from BJP’s press conference in Davanagere city of Karnataka after the dates of the Karnataka assembly elections were released.

In about half an hour’s press conference, Amit Shah counted all the flaws of Siddaramaiah government.

Amit Shah wanted to say what?
In the 16th minute of the press conference, Amit Shah’s speech slipped and he took the name of Yeddyurappa in place of Siddaramaiah.
While correcting his point, he said, “I am not personally blaming these allegations of being the most corrupt government.” A retired Supreme Court judge has made such remarks about the Siddaramaiah government.

But on social media, people pounced on Amit Shah’s video.

‘The result of working 28 hours’
Software engineer Ratan Madanani has written that Amit Shah is expelled for five years for anti-party activities.

Neelima Singh has written that the truth is true, it comes to the tongue.

Pankaj Kumar has written that if 28-28 hours a day will work, then that will be the case.

Babbu Khan wrote on Facebook, “Corruption is the BJP’s biggest arrow, runs everywhere and many times it also turns upside down.”

Nilesh has written that what Amit Shah said was wrong, said. But Kejriwal will apologize to Yeddyurappa

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