Rohingya has worsened from crisis

_98018703_img_7018.jpgThere is a growing concern about the fact that millions of Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar will have an impact on the environment in Bangladesh.

During the last one-and-a-half month, the migration of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar is being said to be a big event in the modern history of South Asia.

Large international organizations, including the United Nations, have continued to help in seeking refuge in more than 400,000 refugees in the Cox’s Bazar area.

On the other hand, pressure on this beautiful province of south-eastern Bangladesh and its environment has increased.

After all who are Rohingya Muslims

“Must live in the jungles”
Those who live in Refugee Camps also believe this but they do not have any other option.

Amir Ahmad, living in a Kutupalong camp, has saved his life from Myanmar’s Rahain province.

He said, “There is clear drinking water nor toilet. All people can do too but are sick. We are still living in makeshift camps, but officials gave an ultimatum to find another place If you go, you will go but will not it be in these forests? ”

Describing himself as a victim of racial violence, millions of Rohingya Muslims had come to Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar to look for shelter.

Why are Rohingya Muslims changing religion in Delhi?

The fields being drained
Camps have been built on the hills and the fields are being emptied for their living.

Well, the sea storm is also very common in this area and due to this the land gets sunk.

Coax market Magistrate Saif-ul-Islam, engaged in day-to-night relief work, could not deny the question of the bad effects on the environment.

Why are India and China on the Rohingya Muslims?
Saif-ul-islam, magistrate, cox market
Answering people’s patience
He said, “so many Rohingya refugees in difficult situations to live here. They have cut trees and protected forest are living. The government sector has also allocated two thousand hectares of land for their living but cutting forests Due to the increased risk on the environment ”

Rohingya refugees have to build hundreds of camps.

All the camps are in new areas like Swades, Jalpatali, Baluchali, Hakimpada, Putibuniya, Jadimurah and Teknaf in the British Camp.

Cox market is counted among the most popular tourist centers in Bangladesh.

Rohingya Muslims have come here already before. But this time, the patience of the locals is giving the answer.

The only person who can solve the Rohingya crisis
“The stink in the whole area spreads”
The family of Kafiluddin has been trading wooden business in the Cox market for three generations.

He said, “These people have been spread all over the area and stink up the whole area are still living in our farms. Lack of sanitation. I do not know what the future holds.”

It is common for traffic in this district to be traffic jam every day.

Increased large lorries continue to relieve the relief material from Dhaka and Chittagong.

Who is giving shelter to Rohingya Hindus fleeing from Myanmar?

“Humanity is before the environment”
The hospital of the district has already been filled and the Rohingya refugees have to allocate a second part.

The Bangladesh government also believes that this problem can be distraction.

In Dhaka, the law minister Anisul Haq expressed regret for the situation from BBC Hindi.

He said, “This is the problem before though so dangerous ever. That is why the government is to reiterate to remain at a fixed location for these refugees. Yes, there would be a negative impact on such environmental large population. But Humanity is the first

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