Rohingya: clay lost, nation turned down

_98473070_16fcc628-456b-4bf8-af53-e37bac2e77a1.jpgThe army of Myanmar has extinguished more than five lakh Rohingya Muslims out of the country by ruthlessly.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, their houses were burned and their crops and livestock were wasted.
All this was done because they can not return and return to Myanmar.

After fleeing the neighboring country, Rohingya Muslims have accused the Myanmar security forces of murder, harassment and rape of the citizens.
Thirteen year old Mobin had to travel safely for 12 days
However Myanmar’s army denies these accusations. They say that they only acted on Rohingyas ‘extremists’.

But those who are homeless and forced to live in difficult situations, now they do not make any difference to these statements.
This man with tired feet has reached the refugee camp by passing through mud
Bangladesh Ambassador to the United Nations said that since August, more than six lakh people have crossed the border and entered Myanmar till date.

Three lakh people had already arrived before the violence started. These people are tired and are upset with hunger. Some people are in shock, there are many children with them.
BBC Photographer Salman Saeed has taken these pictures from the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar area of ​​Bangladesh.

Witnessing atrocities in Myanmar, Rohingya families have come to Bangladesh for more than a week without eating and drinking.
Everything from Abu Tablal has been extinguished in Myanmar, along with survivors, he entered Myanmar.
These people carry some luggage and blankets on the shoulders. UN experts suspect that in the past few weeks, Myanmar security forces have laid land mines on the border.

This has made it difficult and dangerous.
International observers say that some people walked for more than three weeks, then they went to government camps of the family.

The children involved in them were in bad shape. The way traffic is being provided to these people, they are using it to save lives from laid-off.
Some people are going through the river Naf and some people are passing through the borders or sea boats. So far, dozens of people have been killed in an attempt to reach Bangladesh with small boats.

According to the Dhaka Tribune report, 28 boats have been submerged since August 24, out of which 184 have been killed. Most of the dead were women and children.
Most people sit in the small boat, thus increasing the apprehension of the accident. Many of these people do not even know swimming.

After the long struggle, these displaced people reached the border town of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. He made his ashes from whatever he got in the camp here.
This area is full of mud and many people live together here. There is a lack of clean water here. Toilets are extremely low

If there is ever heavy rain then troubles get more and fear of spreading diseases such as cholera.
This Rohingya boy got treatment on time
Many of the people crossing the border live in the cox market, whom they are looking for impatiently.

On October 16, Red Cross opened a 60-bed hospital in Cox’s Bazar. It has three wards, an operation theater, a maternity ward and a psychiatric department.
This family has got some food after several days
Bangladesh has announced to build a refugee camp, which will accommodate eight lakh Rohingya people.

Many Rohingya say that they had to leave the village due to hunger. In the markets where the food was stored in the laid down, they were closed and no help was given.
Receipts have nine months of pregnancy. There are thousands of such women who are going to be mothers and can give birth to a child.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, about 24,000 Rohingya women are pregnant. Many women had to give birth to children on the side of the road.
On October 17, the United Nations said that thousands of Rohingya are still stranded near Myanmar-Bangladesh border.
This is a rapidly growing humanitarian crisis in which millions of people have been affected

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