Rohingya crisis: What is the rest of the Muslims in Myanmar?

_98514930__98502025_b36a883b-2b15-4f47-a45d-bde647c33c21.jpgThe whole world is aware of the news of the atrocities committed with Rohingya Muslims in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Myanmar. The voices of the Rohingya Muslims are rising from the four sides for the escape and human rights.

Myanmar’s State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has also faced severe criticism for the situation of Rohingya Muslims. But, among all the rest of the Muslims living in Myanmar, read about the situation.

What is the rest of the Muslims?
Myanmar is his home for Tan Kay, he grew up like thousands of Burmese, he also struggled on the streets to demand democracy. He has been in prison for even 10 years.

Today they are playing their active role as a former political prisoner in Myanmar. They are among those Muslims who hoped that when the military rule in Myanmar was completed in 2010, Muslims would be given a proper place in the society.
Tan ki
Tan says: “After the violence in the year 2012, the situation changed, not only Rohingya Muslims did not face opposition, but the entire Muslim community had to face many problems.”

In 2012, a conflict between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims started in the province of Takhine, in which more than 1, 40 thousand Rohingya were forced to leave their place. Most of these Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh.

Bothered by Rohiniya problem
BBC correspondent Nabrasan Ithirajan visits Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar. They went to a mosque where a large number of people came to pray. Talking to the people present there felt that they were troubled by the action taken in the house.

Mohammad Yunus, who came to the mosque, said, “The problem of cleanliness is very big, we fear that this round of violence can spread to Yangon and other areas too.”

What is the ultimate root of the Rohingya Muslim crisis?

Rohingyya: Maati missed, Vatan turned down …

Ground Report: How big is Rohingya in Myanmar?

They said that the rest of the Muslims living in Myanmar are paying a lot of attention to their work and daily chores. Many Muslims living in Yangon were born in Khasinin, the concern of their relatives living there hurts them.

Muslims live for several hundred years
Nearly 4.5 percent of the Muslim population in Myanmar’s population of about 5 million However, according to Muslim leaders, their number is twice as high as this official figure.

According to several reports, Muslims have been living in Myanmar for several hundred years. During the British rule, their numbers increased considerably, as many people migrated from the Indian continent and many people were brought here.

The language of Rohingya Muslims is different from those who live in southern and central Myanmar. Most Rohingya resides in the Tavern region.
According to Muslim leaders, there are a large number of Muslims living in Myanmar, but still there is no Muslim in the Parliament.

Stake in government
In the elections held in 2015, the National League for Democracy (NLD), the party that came to power in Aang San Suu Kyi, did not stand any Muslim candidate for the election.

Says Alhaj Uwe Levin, chief organizer of the Islamic Center of Myanmar: “We think that we are being victim of all kinds of exploitation.

He points out that his condition is only when the army took power in 1962, since then the Muslims have always been neglected by the main posts of the government.

They say, “The army is very distant and you will not see any Muslim as a junior officer in the police.”
Alhaj Uwe Levin
In order to find a solution to the ongoing violence in Lakhine, an independent advisory commission was made under the supervision of former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Levin is a member of that commission.

Aung San Suu Kyi formed this advisory commission in the year 2016. On August 24, this commission had submitted its recommendations a day before the beginning of fresh violence in Tavernine.

Levin says that Sue may not be the best but he is his last hope, if he openly speak to the arbitrators, then it would be like his political suicide.

They caution that if the Muslims were kept away from power then the totalitarian regime would again be in Myanmar.

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