Raise these steps to keep your data safe

_100618734_leadimage.jpgDuring the last one week, after the Facebook-Cambridge Analyte episode, there has been an anxiety among people all over the world, how secure is our private data and whether it can be used without our permission.

The British company Cambridge Analyca mobilized personal information from Facebook’s 5 million profiles and prepared a database for elections in the United States. In this database, information about their likes and dislikes was gathered from the profile of Facebook users. For this purpose, the company did not ask for permission from Facebook users.


Before coming to this news you may also know that facebook and Google stores keep data related to your likes and dislikes, but no one can guess how they can use this data.

The BBC spoke to a group based in Berlin who specializes in digital security. 0

The BBC wanted to know how we can figure out which of our information has been kept as online data and how we can remove the information which is not very much needed.



How is your personal data stolen from Facebook?
1. Correct Facebook Profile

Facebook gives us the facility that we can download all our information, it also includes all our photographs and private messages.

To download your information, first go to General Account Settings, then click ‘Download a Copy of Your Facebook Book’. By doing so, we will receive all our information on the email.


During this time, we can remove information that is not needed there from the Facebook application. There is no need to keep those apps also on mobile which we do not use too much.


Do not store hard disk in DNA now!
Yes, before deleting these apps, be sure to see which of them are recorded in them.

Apart from this, you can untag yourself from the pictures in which you are not or you do not like those pictures.

To do this, go to the Activity Log on your profile and see which photos and posts you have in the post, then remove the posts and photos you want to delete from your profile.
2. How much does Google know about me?
Today in our lives Google is mixing like air and water, we are using Google differently every day.

And Google too knows this very well. It is extremely important that we keep our information safe on Google.

Log in to your Google Account, click on your picture or logo, then go to the privacy checkup page. After this you can re-secure your personal data.

When you go to ‘Personalize Your Google Experience’ on Google, you can control your data. Apart from this, there are some information to keep there and to remove whom you can see it all.

Apart from this, you can also keep the Google app on your mobile under your control.

If you want to see what information you have about Google, you can also go to this link.
3. What do you know about location data?
If you are using a smartphone, then it is highly likely that you are sharing your location through an app, where you are located, where you are staying, where are you going, sharing this information .

These steps can be adopted to know all the information related to your location.

Android: Go to Google Maps> Menu> Your Timeline. Go to the information you want to know after this.
IPhone: Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Scroll down then select System Service> Scroll down and then select the Frequent / Signature Location.
You can use this link on your mobile or computer.

If you do not want to share your location with any other apps, then follow these steps

Android: Settings> Apps> Application Permissions> Location
IPhone: Control your location based on Settings> Privacy> Location Services> App.

4. Using Private Browsers
While purchasing some of the goods from the online shopping site, many other pages open before us and we also click on them. These pages are linked to another company.

These companies continue to have one of our data – in which we search, which website they visit and what their IP addresses are, etc. are also included.

The worst thing is that there is no private setting in any browser, cookies are stored in most stores and browsing history is also stored. Not only this, what we are writing online and many other information is stored and can be shared with any third party.

However, Google, Firefox and Safari have been given ways to browse private or secretly. In this our browsing history, cookies, temp files and other information about yourself

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