Postpartum Depression About People Low

_100687253_ca.jpgGo to the checkup of pregnancy and ask your doctor if you are having children, your weight and vomiting.

“Are you able to see the funny part of things? If something goes wrong, why do you blame yourself unnecessarily?”

So for a while you will surely be surprised.

Especially when you are going to be a mother for the first time. First of all, all these feelings are new to the first time becoming a mother, such questions on it also create many fears in your mind.

Something similar happened with the Kadambari in Australia. Kadambari was going to be a mother for the second time This time he was living in Australia. His first daughter was born in India.

Kadambari and his family
When Kadambari went to visit a doctor in Australia, the doctor asked him five to seven questions together-

“Do you often feel unhappy and have a desire to cry?” “Do you care about harming yourself?”

Kadambri did not even realize that the questions which he has been asked are related to any disease. For the first time, he gave all the answers without asking and without asking any questions.

But, for the second time when similar questions were asked, he could not stop himself. They asked, “After all what is the question to take with my progression.”

This question of Kadambari was also true to some extent. When she first became a mother, she was in India. At that time the doctor had never asked such a question to him.
Daughters of novel
Kadambari got the reply, “All these questions are so that we can find out whether you are not battling postpartum depression.”

Then for the first time, Kadambari came to know about the Postpartum Depression. The doctor told him that after childbirth, changes in behavior of women such as sadness, stress, irritation and anger. In this way they need family support and treatment.

Kadambari says, “It was my first and very pleasant experience. So far only physical problems were talked about, but now someone was also talking about my mental condition, which is very difficult to understand.”

“When the doctor told me about the postpartum depression, I realized that even after the first delivery, I had felt similar changes in my behavior, then the doctor in the hospital where I had been treated had given me such a change I did not explain about it. I got a lot of support from the family, so these problems ended up automatically. ”


What happens to postpartum depression?

Kadambari says, “When I was the first child, I did not know how to take care of the child. I was also worried about my body. Because of this, I became a little irritable. I could not handle myself and came very angry. Stay in the office even if you are worried about the house and stay at home, there was stress in the office. ”

Psychologist Dr Pravin Tripathi says these problems occur in about 20 to 70 percent of women. At the initial level it is called postpartum blues.

Its symptoms are very common. Concerned about mood swings, sadness, irritability, the desire to cry and the child will handle.

Image copywrite images
These changes in behavior have been cured automatically some time later. This does not require medicines. But, if symptoms increase, treatment becomes necessary.

Sleep does not come as the disease progresses, it does not feel hungry, the patient is lost in his own self and he takes care of suicide. This is the next level of illness and it is called Postpartum Depression.

Many times in this, the woman also chooses to take care of her child. It also proves to be dangerous for the child. However, it happens in very few cases.

Bhanupriya, a gynecologist at Delhi’s GB Pant Hospital, says that mental problems that occur after delivery can be of any kind.

Like it is another part of Postpartum Eng. In this, the woman is very scared for her child. He starts feeling threatened in everything. Many times he does not allow the child to hand over anyone.

What are the causes of Postpartum Depression?

Dr. Pravin Tripathi says that there may be many reasons for change in the behavior of the mother. Some of which are as follows:

One is that the changes in hormones of women occur after delivery. In this, there is a change in hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, which affects its behavior.
Apart from this there may be social reasons too. For example, if a son wants to become a daughter and has a daughter, then the woman has to face a lot of stress and pressure.
There are also many other pressures on women. Children and households are more responsible for them and they are also physically weak.
If there is an office in between these, then there is a fear of not performing well in them. With the delay in coming to the office or due to the child, due to frequent vacations, they feel that they are lagging behind. The reason for the career can also be bracket.
It also matters how a woman thinks. He may be upset by becoming a bitolate of his body.

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