Photos of Rohingya Muslims painting

_97796114_rohingya-muslims-12.jpgHow are the Rohingya refugees strong enough to eat rates of rate hikes in Myanmar, Bangladesh and India?
The majority of people in Myanmar are Buddhists. While there are about 10 lakh Rohingya Muslims living in the reserved area here. It is claimed that they are basically illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The Rohingya Muslims living in generations of Myanmar refused to give citizenship to the government there. Communal violence continues in 2012 with Rohingya Muslims settled in the province of Maintainen.

Communal violence against Rohingyas first started with sexual harassment and local disputes. Violence started between Rohingya and the other majority community and these conflicts took the form of communalism. The biggest and the first violence took place in June 2012. About 200 Rohingya Muslims were killed in the riots between the Buddhists and the Muslims of the Rakhine and thousands had to leave their homes. It was started after the rape and murder of a young Buddhist woman.

For the last one month, the violence in Burma’s Burien province has risen again and Burma’s army has been operating Operation Backdoor.

A large number of people have been killed in this violence and more than one lakh people have been displaced.

The United Nations has expressed concern over the violence against the people of this community and said that Rohingya is ‘one of the world’s most oppressed people’.

Rohingya Muslims fleeing the violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine province have reached neighboring countries as refugees in India and Bangladesh.

Rohingya Muslims have great expectations of complete refugee status from India.

While India and Bangladesh have given shelter to Rohingya Muslims on the one hand, on the other hand, the Myanmar government has also appealed to recall them. They have been described as a threat to the security of the country.

The United Nations has also criticized the attitude of the Modi government to send Rohingya Muslims back to illegal immigrants in India. Among these, many cities of India including the capital Delhi have been demonstrated in support of Rohingya Muslims in Kolkata, Ludhiana, Aligarh etc.

Now the United Nations has convened a meeting next week on the issue of Rohingya Muslims. But Myanmar’s leader Suu Kyi will not be involved

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