‘Never used to pay more than heroes Sridevi’

_100187192_gettyimages-895794820The film industry and their fans are in mourning due to the sudden demise of Superstar Sridevi on the late night of February 24. In his 50-year film career, Sridevi had worked in more than 300 Hindi and South Indian films.

This is definitely a big blow to the Indian film industry at the emotional level.

Senior film journalist and critic Ajay Brahmatmaj says that superstar Sridevi was known as ‘Lady Amitabh’ during his time. Films ran under their name Although she was not part of any film at the moment, the industry would not have any kind of harm.
Trend reviewer Amod Mehra says that the film industry has lost the unsurpassed artist, but since Sridevi was not the top heroine of this period, his projects were not pending, so there would be no more harm to the film.

She was playing the role of a mother in a movie, which no longer will play.

Sridevi will be seen on screen for the last time in Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film ‘Zero’ in guest appearance.

According to senior journalist Jaiprakash Chouke, Sridevi had dozens of scripts which he was studying.

Sridevi appeared in the film ‘English Wingslish’ in 2012 after 15 years. He won the heart of the audience from his acting in the film.
Sridevi pulling the crowd
On the return of Sridevi, Amod Mehra says, “It was for the first time in the box office that 50-year-old actress was in Lead Roll and the film did a good business. The film did better than the country.”

Last year, his movie ‘Mom’ made an average turnover at the box office. According to Amod Mehra, the subject matter of the film was serious so the turnover was average.

Referring to his success in the 80’s, senior journalist and film critic Raju Bharatan said, “There was a unique talent in Sridevi that he used to pull the crowd towards him.”
Sridevi used to take more than Hero
Raju Bharatan believes that in the 80s, actresses in films were often dependent on heroes. But Sridevi was such an actress whose viewers used to walk in cinema homes.

At the same time, Trend Reviewer Amod Mehra says that Sridevi had become the most popular actress in the 80’s for her acting and her fee was even more than the most popular actor of that time, Rishi Kapoor.
He told that in Nagina, he was given more money than the sage.

According to Ajay Brahmatm, Sridevi’s contribution has not been less in South Indian films. He says, “Sridevi has contributed far more to the South Indian films than is contributing to Hindi films.”

“She was considered to be a big actress in South India, but she became only a commercial actress in Hindi films.”
Sridevi’s strong acting in Tamil films such as Yehthinilai, Mandaru Modichu, Sigappu Rozikal, Kalyan Raman, Joni, Meenadum Kokila made him a star of South Films.

Ajay Brahmatsam says that the importance that Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi have in Hindi films, the same importance has been in Sridevi’s South Indian films.

Senior journalist and reviewer Raju Bharatan also believes that Sridevi was considered as a complete actress in South India, but Hindi films did not get such opportunities for her.
Commenting on Sridevi’s early Hindi films and changes, Raju Bharat said that Sreedevi’s gesture was simple in the opening films.

He further explains that when he appeared in the third film with Jitendra, he was seen to see a lot of changes in the face of his face, due to which the viewer adopted him as an actress.

According to Raju Bharat, she was the only actress to come from South India after Vaijayanti Mala who learned Hindi for the sake of Hindi films.

He says, “Sridevi was the original star, which can not be compared to anybody

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