Narendra Modi gives flip flops over Fake News of Smriti Irani

_100671412_untitledcollage.jpgThe decision to blacklist the journalists who wrote Fake News of Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani has been withdrawn.

DG Frank Noronha of the Press Information Bureau gave this information.

He has written, “The Prime Minister has directed that the Press Release which was issued on Fake News should be withdrawn and this matter should be raised only in the Indian Press Council.”

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani tweeted, “There has been a debate over Fake News, many journalists and organizations are suggesting it, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will be happy if we can come along with Fake News. Interested journalists can meet me. ”
What was the decision of the government?
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued orders for Fake News.

According to this order, a journalist can be blacklisted by faxing or spreading public news.

It was said that the decision about this will be ‘Press Council of India’ and News Broadcasters Association (NBA).

These are two regulatory bodies of both print and television media.

According to this rule taken, the recognition of journalists found guilty of Fake Neoze could have been canceled permanently or temporarily.
Social Discussion
There is also discussion on the government’s decision and the reversal of social media. Those journalists who were objecting to this decision are now praising the reversal.

There are some people who are pinching on this.

Twitter handle @RoflGandhi_ while sharing a cry of a serial of Smriti Irani, wrote, “When your family does not believe in your proposal and put it in a trash.”
Barkha Dutta wrote in a new tweet – The government has withdrawn the decision on Fake News.

Earlier, Barkha Dutt had written, “The trumpet atmosphere is in Fiza, this is a fight for Fake News, where the media is an enemy.” However, with an alternate reality, there is a continuation of sending ‘postcards’ on Whatsapp, which was also called ‘alternative facts’. ”

Senior journalist Shekhar Gupta wrote on Twitter: “The government’s decision is an attack on the mainstream media. It is the same as Rajiv Gandhi’s anti-defamation bill. The whole media should oppose it by forgetting its differences.”

Shekhar Gupta also re-tweeted a photograph of protesters during that time. In this picture, Khushwant Singh, Ramnath Goenka, Kuldeep Nayyar, Arun Shourie are appearing.

Tehsin Poonawala tweeted, “The decision to cancel the recognition of journalists by faxing news is trouble-free. This is a major attack on the freedom of the press.”

Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala writes, “The Modi government, which has been caught due to many lies on the Internet, wants to introduce misleading rules on free voices.”

Journalist Swati Chaturvedi writes, “Dear Prime Minister’s Office, your government sells Fake News at the industrial level, and stop the move to attack Smriti Irani’s independence.”

Regarding the media, Gupta writes: “The journalist suspended as soon as the complaint is lodged. Will the government ministers implement this rule for themselves, even the definition of Fake News?”

Journalist Nishant Chaturvedi wrote, “It is good that the recognition of journalists who make false news will be canceled. But when the beliefs of making false promises will be canceled.”
Common people were also raising questions?
Ashwin writes, “My question to Smriti Irani is why are there a recognized journalist on the target of this verdict? They do not always give the rubbish news, but what about those real talk-giving monsters, who are on social media and the journalists who Not recognized. ”

Krishna Pratap Singh tweeted, “First of all, he will make real-time fake reports for four years, now that he is constantly failing in the government and power, he is trying to defame the real news.”
Shadab Khan wrote, “Do not live without any election, become a minister of law, and are now making law on Fake News today, walking around with a furious degree.”
Swapnil writes, “India and Indian media are more free than needed. Now some rules are needed.

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