Mary Com is a Iron Lady of the World of Boxing

_100848442_marykom.pngMary Com won the fifth Asian Championship gold medal a few months ago at the age of 35 and has now made her name in Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games is a competition in which my com has not won medal so far.

If he looks after his everyday life, if he does train at the national camp in Delhi early in the morning, then he goes straight to the Parliament session so that as a Member of Parliament, he can participate in the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha and not be called absent before his name. .
Iron Lady
They are not exactly called the Iron Lady. In my boxing ring, they are fighting against the difficulties of real life.

In 2011, the heart of my three-and-a-half year son was to be operated. At the same time, my com had to go to China for Asia Cup. The decision was difficult. After all, my comic’s husband stayed with the son and my com went to the Asia Cup and brought the gold medal to victory. But this was not easy for them.

My com has been a five-time world champion and is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal in boxing.

He had a bronze in the 2012 London Olympics.

Mary’s childhood
Born in a poor family in Manipur, the family of Marie Com did not want to go to boxing. In my childhood, my com house, working in the field, going to the farm, handling and practicing siblings.

In fact, Dinko Singh won the gold medal in the 1998 Asian Games. From there onwards, my com got boxed. For a long time, their parents did not know that my com is boxing.

They got to know the photograph of the State Champion printed in the newspaper in 2000. Father feared that if boxing got hurt, then treatment would be difficult and there would be problems in marriage.

But I did not accept my com. Mother and father had to believe in the truth. Mary won the world championship three times since 2001. Meanwhile, my com married and two twin children

Five times world champion Mary Kom won her last two world championship medals and Olympic Mothers after becoming a mother.
In the 2012 Olympics, the challenge was that my com had to play in 51 kilograms instead of 48 kilograms. He played only two matches in this class.

My com also saw bad days in the career when he was unable to qualify in Glasgow in 2014 nor was it able to qualify for the Rio Olympics.

My com has had many problems in personal life too.

In the name of his sons in the Hindustan Times, he shared how he was 17 when he was a victim of sexual harassment – for the first time in Manipur. Then in Delhi and in Hisar. This was the time when my com was struggling to make a career in boxing.

When he returned home after winning his third world championship, his father-in-law was murdered only after a while.

But every time I beat the situation And in the boxing ring, they look differently.

World Boxing Champion, Olympic champion, MP, owner of boxing academy, government observer for sports, mother and wife .. My com plays many rolls together. And just as much passion in every work as they play in the ring.

In an interview to the BBC, he once said, “There are only two boxers in the ring. So when you go to the ring and you are not angry, you are not the real boxer.”

My comedy has reached here so far by taking the same indignation in the ring.

And their dream is to raise 1000 and my com

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