Late on the body of Sridevi, but why is this important?

_100198792_actress-sridevi-passed-away-due-cardiac-arrest-696x454.jpgActress Sridevi died on Saturday night and after the two-day speculation, her body was allowed to be taken to India on Tuesday afternoon.

Dubai Police handed over the document to the Indian Consulate and Sree Devi’s family, to begin the process of applying their body on the body. Along with this, the Dubai Police has also completed the case of death of Sridevi.

But the procedure for applying the body on the body is what is emmetment or ammaming, what is done in it and why it is necessary i.e. if it is not coated, then what can be the problem with the dead body?

What is Empower?

Emambing or post-mortem is a process that is necessary to protect the body after death. For thousands of years humans have adopted different methods to save the dead body and chemicals are used in it.

Sudhir Gupta, forensic chief of AIIMS, Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told the BBC that emambing is done so that the body can be protected. There is no infestation in it, it does not smell and can be taken from one place to another.


But how is embalming and what is done in it? Doctor Gupta said, “Some people use chemical, some alcohol. In some cases arsenic and formaldehyde These are all chemicals, with the help of which we can save the dead body from rotting. ”

“By using these chemicals, the dead body does not rot, and it also becomes safe for transport.”

How long is the body of the dead body?
The body can be kept in good shape from the time of embroidery, he replied, “It depends on the amount of chemicals used in the body. Normally the methods used, the body can be kept safe from three days to three months.

But what happens if not embarrassing?


Dr. Gupta said that the body can prove to be dangerous for other people. He said, “If the body is not preserved after death, then it can be harmed.”

“There are different types of gases coming out from the corpse, bacterial infections occur. Mites like methane and hydrogen sulfide are released from the carcasses which are not only toxic and the stench also comes from them. Apart from this, those bacteria that are extracting can harm other people. ”

Is the carcass damaging?

But every time the carcass is taken from one place to another, it is important for an emergency, they respond, “Yes, it is necessary. Even when the body is transported, it is also written that the body has been embamied and it has been treated with chemicals. ”

“And it is also written that there will be no stench with it, no harm will be done and it can be taken safely.”

According to, generally there are two ways of emming, which are called arterial and cavity.

In the airtrial process, instead of the blood, the Emamming Flood is filled in the body, while the Cavity Embaming is filled with empty stomach and chest.

Why is the body massacre?

Before embossing, the body is bathed with disinfectant solution and the body is also massaged because after the death the muscles and additives become very tight. Apart from this, the eyes and mouth of the corpse are closed.

In the case of arterial emming, the body’s blood is taken through the arteries, and instead of using them, the ammonizing fluid is inserted. Embossing solutions include formaldehyde, glutaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, phenol and water.

In case of cavity embossing, natural flood is removed from the chest and stomach by a small hole, and instead of putting an emming solution, the hole is closed.

What after the MBAming?

After completion of the engineering process, the body is prepared on a cosmetic basis so that people can make their last appearance. In this again, the body is bathed, clothes are worn, hair is heated and make-up is done.

Eyes are closed before starting the embumming process, sometimes the eye-cap made of skin glue or plastic is applied on the eyes so that their outer part can be secured.

The mouth is closed and the lower jaw is also handled. This is done for sewing.

This process is different from taxidermy. In this the human body is kept safe, while the taxidermy is taken from the dead body of an animal, it is emptied from the inside and then it is tried to give the original form by filling the other material.

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