‘Kesh Busting’ of Sridevi’s Death: Dubai Police

_100198761_gettyimages-152001271.jpgDubai police has ended the death sentence of Sridevi and handed over his dead body to the family members.

After this, the body of Bollywood actress Sridevi was brought to India.

Earlier, the Dubai Police handed over the document to the Consulate of Dubai and Sree Devi’s family in Dubai, after which the process of applying the paste on their dead body began.

Sridevi died in Dubai on Saturday night.

Initially, the reason for the death of Sridevi was stated as ‘Cardiac Arrest’ by quoting close relatives of the Kapoor family, but on Monday, the Dubai Police claimed in a report that due to the death of Sridevi, ‘due to accidental drowning’ in the bathtub.
A special aircraft is already present in Dubai to bring Sreda’s body to India, but after the case was handed over to Dubai’s Public Prosecutor, it was not clear how long the bodies would be coming to India.

Indeed, the Prosecution Agency and the Dubai Police are separate departments in the United Arab Emirates and they work independently differently.

According to the official Twitter handle of the Indian Consulate in Dubai on Tuesday, “The Dubai Police has handed over documents related to handing over the body of Sridevi to the consulate and family members so that the process of applying the body to the dead body can be started.”
What’s going on in Dubai?

According to the Saudi News website Gulf News, on Tuesday, Dubai police questioned Sridevi’s husband, Bonnie Kapoor, in the police station.

The police took their statement and only after this they were allowed to return to the hotel.

The Khaleej Times says that on the third day of Sridevi’s death, his body is in the mortuary of Dubai.

The police has sent this case to the prosecution office in Dubai.
India’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Navdeep Suri tweeted earlier, “The media’s interest in Sridevi’s untimely demise can be understood, but rumors are not getting help.”

“We are working closely with the local authorities to send their body to India as soon as possible.”

“We are in touch with Sridevi’s family and their other well wishers, we can understand their problems. In our case, our experience says that this process can take two to three complete

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