If I am alive today then only because of Sridevi: Harish Iyer

_100173624_3225f3ff-c83a-4789-a14d-4d504e0defba.jpgAfter Sridevi’s death, his loved ones are in shock. There is also an admirer of Sridevi who is shattered by his sudden death in this impassable environment.

He is a well-known gay rights activist Harish Iyer. He once said that if he is alive today, then because of Sridevi,

Harish had seen and tolerated the tragedy in his childhood that could break any child. A close friend of Harish had sexually exploited her for years.
Harish Iyer Rose used to catch gangrape
It was at that time when Harish used to catch daily gang rape but could not tell anyone about it. In this way, Sridevi’s films encouraged him to live. He mentioned this in detail in one of his articles.


Harish had come to talk about sexual assaults with children in TV show “Satyamev Jayate”, and there he met Sridevi.

Sridevi took Harish’s hand in his hand and said that he is his hero. After this, Harish became more involved with her.
Satyamev Jayate meets Harish in Sridevi
Now look at Harish’s social media accounts, Sridevi is seen everywhere. From their Facebook book and Twitter profile to feeds

Harish is gay but he says that he has ‘crush’ on Sridevi. In a Facebook post he wrote that he wanted to call Sridevi at his wedding but before that he went forever.


In the special Facebook Live with BBC, Harish said, “When I used to go to another world when I used to watch movies, Sridevi used to pick films, and the manner in which the character played the role, Used to inspire fighting. ”
Harish further says, “The way he became a serpent, he used to cut his enemy and devastated him, he assured me that I too would beat those who wronged me.”

In the memory of Harish Iyer Sridevi, is going to start an initiative called ‘Sridevi Cinema for Social Transformation’

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