‘I hate Sridevi because he died’

_100172115_gettyimages-486773853.jpgAfter the death of famous actress Sridevi, the common people are constantly mourning. Meanwhile, film director Ram Gopal Varma also made several tweets about him. He also tweeted several photos of himself and Sridevi.

Ram Gopal Verma, mourning for his demise, shared an open letter on social media which is something else.
“I hate God for killing Sridevi and I hate Sridevi because he died.

I have a habit of seeing my phone constantly and awake at night and I have seen a message that Sridevi did not remain. I thought this is a nightmare or rumor and I went back to sleep.

After awhile I awoke and saw that about 50 messages had come to me which were telling me the same thing.

Ram Gopal Varma has tweeted several photos taken with Sridevi
When I was in Engineering College in Vijayawada, I had seen his first Telugu movie ‘Padhaharela Vayasu’. I was speechless seeing her beauty and I was amazed and wondered if she could not be a real person. After that I saw many of his films in which he had consistently established many high standards from his talent and beauty.

For me, he was a man who came to bless us from some other world for a short time so that we can do even better things in the world.

He was like a creation of God who gave him a gift as a gift in a very special mood. My journey to Sridevi started during the preparation of my first film ‘Shiva’.

In Chennai, I used to go to Nagarjuna’s office where Sridevi’s house was too and I used to stand outside to see his house. I did not believe that the goddess of beauty lives in such a house. ”
In his open letter of more than 1400 words, Ram Gopal Varma also mentioned his first film ‘Ekna Moments’ with Sridevi. He told that he had written this film to impress Sridevi.

In the end, Ram Gopal writes that he would thank God for making Sridevi and he would thank the movie camera maker Luis Lumiere, due to which Sridevi could be filmed.

He writes further, “I hate Sridevi. I hate him for this belief that he was a common man, so I hate him because he could not beat the death to survive. I love you wherever you are and I will always love you

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