‘I had to make excuses for sex’

_100698992_9144b243-b1c9-4018-8da7-16fc87b0687f.jpg(This article contains information for adults and the person sharing his experience in the article has kept his identity secret)

I’ve been crying just for several nights.

After meeting with many doctors, my pain grew. Every moment was frustrating and my problems too.

To fight my problem, I’ve got several hundred British pounds of viagra from stealth India.

There was a pack of 20 tablets, in which the price of one tablet was approximately 150 rupees.

By going to the bathroom I used to eat that pillow and try to realize that everything is fine.

Effect of bullets
I am 25 years old. I do not understand why I had to face all this at such a young age.

If my pills were finished then I could come in. Because again I had to make excuses to have sex.

These tablets also influenced me, even then I could not enjoy sex. Every time there was a fear in mind.
I was 16 when I realized my weakness while masturbating. In the morning the erection had stopped. This was the first symptom.

In the next 12 months the situation worsened rapidly. Masturbation and sex went to be difficult for me.

I started feeling that my girlfriends were also aware of my weakness. And this thing was quite troublesome.

All shorts
There was no one so I could tell myself. School friends make fun of me In the house, the father did not say this because of shame.

Rather, I used to shout about my sex life, as all the other friends used to do.

I thought that impotence would only be of old people. But this problem is also happening among the youth and its number is quite large.

A recent study has found that one in every four men under 40 years of age is sexually assaulted.

My doctor has told me that one in 10 out of every 10 men can be in this life anytime.

Yet this is a topic about which you meet people to talk about. Such people who listen to your problem only with emotional attention.

I thought that watching porn would probably help. But in real life there is nothing like that shown.
Once my girlfriends saw vigra tablets and asked me what is this? My sweat was left to make her talk unheard.

Today I think I should talk to him. But I did not want to take embarrassment.

‘I wanted to die’
A few years ago I felt that I should commit suicide. It was difficult for me to have love and relationship.

I thought that my family would never be there and this relationship would also be broken due to my weakness.

I can not count how many nights I have stopped crying. Just think about this

Due to my stress I started taking drugs. But then it seemed that it would not be right to bring harm to your body in the weakness.

One day I decided to tell my mother about all my problems. I told them that I am dying. This weakness is breaking me.

He was shocked to hear my sayings. But he only helped me. He said that I should meet the new doctor.

The new doctor gave me all the prisons, pills, injections and so on. I was with them in full faith in treatment.

Doctor told that all these things help porn stars during sex. This treatment was very painful. In six weeks, I joined hands with him.

solution to the problem
A psychologist also said that all these things are mental. Upon hearing this, I did not go to him again, because I only knew what status I am passing through.

Well, continue my tests. One test showed that blood flow does not happen right around my penis. This is called the Venus Leak.

However, many experts say that this problem can not be due to this reason only.

In the end, a doctor said that you have implanted the penis. This weakness will be removed from him differently.

I listened to that doctor. Have a big operation and today I can control my penis.

Advice to people
My new girlfriends know about it I told him about it in joke. They understood my point. I wish I had met him before, so life would have been quite easy.

Nonetheless, my friends also know about this now. They tease me as a robot-man. They want me to know more about it.

My opinion is that people who are suffering from this problem find that you find something in your life as soon as possible so that you can talk about your problem.

It gives a little comfort by talking. Try to treat it If possible, find a partner who understands your mind.

Do not waste your time and money by eating other Viagra and other medicines. It is difficult to solve the problem

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