How vicious is the use of vyagra

_100586250_350f4283-ffac-4b77-b0dc-f8279bb028f5In some UK drugstores, men can now buy vapor without prescription slips.

Health experts believe that this will benefit the men who have erectile dysfunction.

According to one estimate, one in five in the UK has this problem.

Like other drugs, its unnecessary use can have dangerous consequences. In a country like India, where there is no open talk on sex, people use it without thinking.

Especially, the youth should use Viagra without any medical advice, to increase their masculinity, to enjoy long time and not to be ashamed of their partner.

If you are also using this blue tablet without knowing it, then know it.
Who should use it?
Viagra should only be used by men who have problems of impotence.

If a person feels pain in his chest with a little hard work and his breathing speed becomes faster, then he should not use Vaagra.

Psychiatrists and Sexual Disorders Specialist Dr. Pravin Tripathi recommends that Vaagra should not be used without medical advice.

Sometimes its side-effects can be for a lifetime.

Dr Pravin Tripathi told the BBC that he has many such patients who are addicted to it.

He said, “I have seen a lot of young people who have got used to it, it affects the thinking and self-confidence of the person. Most youths are not shy in front of their partner, they use viagra from this fear.”
Side-effects of Viagra

Dr. Pravin says, “Viagra is not a safe drug, it also has side-effects, sometimes its side-effects are extremely dangerous.”

He adds, “By its use, man can be blind forever. People do not know this thing.”

“Sometimes the use of the erection remains long, which is not okay, it is possible that the problem of erections can be done for a lifetime.”

Some common side-effects

Diminish sight
If you have this problem, consult a doctor immediately.

Chest pain
Stop showing
Breath problems, suffocation, blinking and swelling in the face

It’s a problem then never use it
Those who have chest pain problems should not use Viagra. Viagra should not be used even if HIV patients are taking medication called retonovir.

Dr. Praveen says, “If you have a heart attack or stroke then using Viagra can prove to be dangerous.

“If you are taking blood pressure medication or even if you have diabetes, you should not use it, there is a problem of kidney, it should not be used without the advice of the doctor. I also know such cases in which for a few minutes enjoyment It was used and lost her life. ”
Can it be bought without a slip

Dr. Tripathi points out that according to his knowledge, Vaiagra can not be bought without a doctor’s slip in India.

In India it is available from Rs 100 to Rs 1000. Viagra gets cheap in India compared to other countries.

Speaking of Britain, one pack of four Vaagra tablets is available in 1833 rupees.

In the UK it can be purchased only from the drugstore. Pharmacists check this before giving the drug whether a person who buys it can use it or not.

how does it work?
Viagra works in many cases. But it does not matter if it affects everyone.

Dr Pravin points out that Viagra increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body. It makes our nerves thick.

After taking this, blood circulation increases in the body and it helps in the stress of the penis.

How and when to use VioGra

Viagra can be used after eating or without eating. If you have filled your stomach and have eaten it, it will take some time to show the effect.

It should take sex an hour earlier. It should not be taken with grapes or grapes, because it can reduce the effect of the drug.
What to do if you have more effect?
If viagra is proven to be more effective, consult a doctor. In the UK, some men have complained that after their use, tension in their penis is more than four hours more painful.

Many such cases have come to Dr. Pravin too. He says, “It is not necessary that this should be with everyone, if there is such a problem, then the doctor should contact.”

Before Buying Online

If you are buying Viagra online, then please check that the online company is right or not. Maybe you are being given wrong medication in the name of Viagra.

Care should also be taken to pay by credit or debit card on such website

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