How big a lesson for GSAT 6A ISRO?

_100654032_9bd25c24-bd0d-45aa-81be-b5573b67524b.jpgIndian Space Research Program (ISRO) on Sunday said that the contact with GSAT-6A Satellite, which was left three days ago, has been broken.

ISRO launched the GSAT-6A satellite on Saturdays 29th from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota. This launch was said to be successful on that day.

But on one Sunday, ISRO issued a statement saying that this satellite was in the last stage of establishing itself in the orbit of the Earth, then its connection to the Earth was broken. ISRO has said that continuous efforts are being made to re-connect the satellite.

GSAT-6 is a kind of S-Band Communication Satellite, which was believed to be very important for enhancing mobile communications based on satellite for security forces. Also, in case of disaster, contact with the help of contact with any area could be helped in relief and rescue work.

For India, how big a problem can be to break ISRO’s contact with GSAT-6A?
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This phenomenon is very important in many ways. First, the cost of this satellite is Rs 270 crore, it is not a small amount. If this satellite does not begin to work again, then the entire money will be smoke in space.

Secondly, this satellite is a younger brother. Its elder brother GSAT-6 is already working in space. GSAT-6A was to work with him. These two are twin satellites.

If GSAT-6A is not able to run again, then this whole system will not work in its place.

It is also important that after the failure of GSAT-6A, now GSAT-6 will be lone ie a lame satellite which will have to work alone.

Third, ISRO was getting success after one successive. This is like a failure for him and will push ISRO from it.

ISRO Chairman Shivan
ISRO has to do the quality control

Recently, a major failure of ISRO was found when the launch of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle i.e. PSLV in 2017 was a sailor’s satellite in it.

Flight of PSLV was nineteen minutes A disturbance started in the third minute of the flight, in which the rocket’s heat shield did not separate from the rocket.

But after the failure of GSAT-6A, ISRO has to focus on Quality Control in what is now continuing to launch and build a satellite after the other.
Can the Satellite be contacted again?

The day of an April is the day when Easter Sunday, this is the day when Jesus Christ woke up again after being crucified. ISRO is engaged in readiness in this work and the scientists are constantly trying.

But some scientists of ISRO show that once the power of the satellite is failing and the contact breaks, it is difficult to contact again. It can not be said impossible, but this work is extremely difficult.

If there is no contact, then this will be a true loss of Rs 270 crore for India.

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