#HerChoice My parents left me for their love relationships

_99767171_padma.jpgHow would a girl live her life and love when her parents left her? Read, the true story of such a girl in the third episode of the BBC series #HerChoice.

Like if you do not like any food or if you do not wear any clothes, you leave it, so I was left as well. My parents left me alone in my childhood.

Did he die? No! I am not an orphan and this is a painful affair for me.

My parents are alive and live in the same village where I live but they treat me like strangers.
When I was in the cottage, they decided to leave me.

At that age, I could either laugh or cry, or we could wait to cry for someone’s crying while crying for hunger.

A child who can not speak at the time and who does not know what it means to lose something or to be unhappy.

Left after birth
My father left my mother immediately after my birth and got married to any other woman, and later she had her own children too.

After this my mother also left me. They also fell in love with another man.

and me? I do not even know this, what love should I remember, because I have not found anybody’s love.

These stories present the ideas of ‘Modern Indian Woman’ and the options available in front of him, his aspirations, his priorities and his desires.

My maternal uncle was sorry to have me When I was able to understand things, they only mixed me with my parents.

I saw them with sad eyes I thought they would pull me up and put me on my throat but they saw me like I was unaware.
It was clear that I was not blessed with any of these.

So my uncle put me in the hostel run by an NGO. I did not realize that there was a shock waiting for me there.

Father loving step-sister
My father had also put my step sister in the same hostel and seeing him, I realized that I am an unwanted person.

There is no bad feeling about it in my mind. We often talk We are both aware of the truth of each other.

Yet it was painful. My father often visits him and takes him home in the holidays.
I waited quietly and saw if she would call me to come home too.

But, my waiting always goes to waste. They are not looking at me.

I do not know whether they love me or not, or will my stepmother allow me to bring my home or not.

I get away from the front of their eyes and I cry alone.

Like other children, I do not have to wait for the holidays. Holidays for me mean working in fields to make money. Otherwise I could not even eat.

Occasionally, I also burn animals. I give my wages to Mama’s family. Instead they give me the place to eat and live. School money is also available for school needs.

Despite all of this, I still love my parents. I am not angry with them.

I am distressed for their love. I dream about celebrating the festival with them. But, they both have their own partner and family.
I do not have permission to step on their threshold. I am also afraid to try.

Therefore, the festivals come and go away. Celebrating the festival with the family is such a pleasure that I can not find

Meet friends
I just listen to stories of festivals that my friends tell me. Their holidays are exactly like my dreams.

My friends are my real brothers and sisters with whom I can express my happiness and sadness.

I tell them my words and when I get tired of fighting alone and fighting myself alone, then they take care of me.

The hostel’s Warden is like my real mother. Along with them, I have understood the ‘mother’s love’.

When my friend fell sick, Warden called his family but for me, he was the family.

They do as much as they can for me. Gives me the best clothes. I feel very special at that time. I feel as if someone loves me too.

But, there are some small pleasures of life without which I have learned to live. Just like I can not tell anyone that make this food of my choice.

I am currently studying in Ninth Class. This hostel keeps the children up to only the 10th class.

I do not know where to go after this. My maternal uncle will not cooperate anymore.

Maybe I have to work to collect my school fees because it is certain that I will not leave my studies. My education is the only way to nurture my life.

I want to become a doctor. If I go back to the village then maybe I should get married.

It is not that I hate marriage or family but first I want to be self-sufficient.

when If I grow up, I will marry my favorite boy and will try to create a beautiful and lovely family.

(This story is based on the life of a woman living in South India, which the BBC correspondent Padma Meenakshi spoke on. On the request of the woman, her identity has been kept secret. Producer of this series is Divya Arya.

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