#HerChoice: ‘I chat with non-men on Facebook’

_99859966_5_pragya_story_illustration2.jpgWhen the message came on Facebook for the first time, it was shocked. The heart stayed away from the shock Husband was not at home but still I was stealing someone. Even before opening an online message, there was no one else to see it.

I laughed at myself, thinking, ‘How stupid I am, I am sitting alone in the house, whom I am afraid of.’

He wrote – “Hi, I want to do you a friendship.”

There was a smile on the face by reading. Then there was a swing.

‘Why am I interested in an unknown person’s message on the Internet?’

A husband’s mind came into the mind after arriving. It was also a cold.

It is their faultlessness that even the ‘hai’ written by an unknown man can tickle in my heart.

One may not even answer him once. But he was so angry that he immediately wrote – ‘Hi!’


These stories present the ideas of ‘Modern Indian Woman’ and the options available in front of him, his aspirations, his priorities and his desires.

His name was sky
I do not know how this misconception happened that I am an airhostess. He wanted to tell the truth, but I was also enjoying it.

From childhood everyone had heard that I am very beautiful.

Milk-like color, big eyes, sharp nanoscale, pierced body. But the people of the house were married. The first boy who came to understand, did the same with him.

But that man does not mean romance, nor my feelings.

I used to think that after the marriage, husband will pay attention to me, will celebrate Rathungi, will give surprise, and if nothing else, then make a cup of tea for me in the morning!

But it’s just like a machine, his life – wake up in the morning, go to the office. Come at ten, eat food, go to sleep.
How long does it take to embrace?
It is not that I do not understand that he is a fool, but how much time it is to speak the words of love by lovingly treating his wife or embracing her!

But my husband does not either have such feelings or expose them to their masculinity.

Have sex, but no romance In the one-year marriage, we have not foreplay till date!

How much better food should I make, keep the house anyway, never speak a word of praise. Ask and say ‘okay’.

All these were lost in thought that the sky again pinged. She wanted to see my photo.

The Internet world was new to me. He also created an account on Facebook He also taught to extract the French request.

But was afraid to insert photos Everyone had heard that people stole photos from the Internet and put them on porn sites.

But the sky was restless to see me.

For a few days I stopped Then she told him that I am not that airhostess.

‘I thought he would go away now’
But he got more stubbornness But I did not have any kind of photo to send it to me!

The sky itself was also married. Three years old was his son.

Used to work in the multinational company. Used to go abroad. There were good parties in which the girls’ cigarette drink was commonplace. This was a new kind of adventure for me.

His wife also used to work in a large company. He told that he could not give more time to each other.

One day said, “I am very sad today and my wife was unable to talk that she is in the meeting.”

I could understand his pain

We talk everyday It was a lot of fun.

It was all for the first time with me. At one time it came that I started getting excitement from morning to finish the work quickly.

Saying a day “Come on the webcam.” I was frightened offline, I just did not bathe. What will you think if you look like this?

But now he had caught the cry of seeing me.

I did not understand anything then I started avoiding it.

When I go online I become offline After a few days it turned and then teasing one day he blocked me.

We did not have any relation but even after that, my life became more empty.

I got angry at myself why I do not have a job. If you earn money, you could take your own decisions.

After this, I did not talk to anyone for a while, but the brain always kept talking about the sky. Remember how fast the day had passed with him. Was smiling unnecessarily

Seeing it, its greatest advantage was to my husband. Without doing anything for them, the gap of my life was filled up, which they did not notice.

And thought, I was not doing anything wrong. Neither I betrayed anyone, nor slept with a non-man. Just by talking, I remember that I am not just anyone’s wife but also a person who has some need of his own.

Now, what to do, what not, in this dilemma some days passed and passed.

Then show a profile of such a boy one day. Appearance was good. I do not know what happened to my mind that I sent him a friend request.
Why send a friend request by getting married?
He asked, “You are married, why did you send me a request?”

I said – “Why? Do not Married Girls Make Friends?”

Just got the conversation going on. I am in touch with her till today.

Similarly, one day I have a question on Facebook  See the profile of which some of the film actors were photographed on the wall. I thought that this man is a big “funhen khan”. You will find interesting things on its wall.

I sent him a friend request. He also accepts

It was such a life that my daughter was passing. After that things stopped. In the first two years, I did not know where I am.

Now the daughter has been three years old, but it is still difficult to find time for herself.

Looks like I can talk to someone, but as soon as I pick up the phone, he comes and watches the video.

Sometimes there is a lot of frustration that what is going on is happening. I have just become a mother and wife.

So I have decided that this will not happen with my daughter. I will make him something so that he can live his life on his own terms.

(This story is based on the life of a woman from whom the BBC correspondent, Pragya Manane, has been kept secret on the request of the woman. Producer of this series is Divya Arya

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