#HerChoice: Do not let the dreams of daughters die

_100227196_motheroffiveI always had a passion for study.

Dreamed that after wearing a black gown on a daily basis, the Merit Certificate was taken by the President.

He wanted to become a teacher by reading a lot, trying to stand on his feet.

But the people got married after they passed the twelfth.

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#HerChoice 12 is a special series of BBC based on real life stories of Indian women. These stories present the ideas of ‘Modern Indian Woman’ and the choices presented in front of them, their aspirations, their priorities and their desires.

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Husband was a straight man, used to do government jobs.

He would often be transferred, but he never took me with him.

I have always kept the responsibilities of family and family living in the in-laws house.

When he saw college going to college, he woke up again.

After studying from home, I completed my graduation.

The time went on and I became the mother of five daughters.

The family members did not even taunt to create daughters,

But the society has always been giving me and my husband a sense of ‘not having sons’.

Many said that there are five daughters, so settle them by marrying early, or else more dowry will be given at the age.

But I had decided that I would teach my daughters a lot and make them capable.

I went to teach them about everyone.

I did not want to see that my daughters die like theirs and shed their dreams.

My husband also supported me.

Today my five daughters are in good jobs.

Now when I see pictures of his college in which he is standing for certificate by wearing black gown, it seems that my dream is complete.

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(Many students in our series #HerChoice said that they want to share their stories. In that episode this story has sent us the story of Bihar’s beloved writer, Priyadarshini.

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