#HerChoice After all, why did I decide to stay with a woman?


I and my girlfriend are not lesbian. That is, we are not attracted physically to each other. Our attraction is auspicious. That’s why we have been living together for almost 40 years.

Now it’s 70’s. When they decided to stay together, they were around 30.

In those days of youth, there was more than a sense of adventure. Me and him too

This is the biggest reason I and my friend decide to stay together.

Like with, but dislike the choice

We are quite different from each other.

I like the bright colors at this age too. It is good to have a lipstick, but she likes more faint stuff.

I have to be age 70 but still I wear heels sandal and she spins all over with doctors’ sleeper.

If I watch TV, then it goes in the mobile. She says, ‘What disease have you taken in old age?’

This is our life. A little bit of fun and full freedom to live your way.

We two people live in a house, but we have left each other’s world untouched.

Nowadays, weddings may not have much openness. If the expectations are higher, then relations are broken down by their weaknesses.

These stories present the ideas of ‘Modern Indian Woman’ and the options available in front of him, his aspirations, his priorities and his desires.


‘Even today we do not know each other completely’

Well my marriage is also broken, but that chapter of life has passed, I do not like to overturn his pages.

Children have grown up and have moved on in their life.

My friend was always sure to be alone. Rather still do. We are also together and not even

Even after so many years, it happens many times that we know a new habit of each other.

This is the beauty of our relationship. We still do not know each other completely and this is the reason that ‘Charm’ is made.

People ask us that you are not bored only by seeing each other? But the truth is that we talk a lot less than each other.

We live in a house, but at times it happens that we meet only at the dining table and then take on our own work.


‘He was scaring us everyday …’

When we used to do this job since then it is a habit, which still remains the same.

In the beginning, when it came to work, I used to live in a big way.

Daily asked if we do not have any relatives? Someone who is still young and can live with us?

I did not want to argue with him. What did she explain that we are very rich in the case of relatives and friends, but have chosen this life wisely to live with each other.

He used to scare us every day that someone would be beaten and stolen in the house …

I laughed at her words. One day he sat on him and said that we do not have anything that thieves come here and be happy.

Even if a thief comes, even if you look at the walls of our house, Puthi will be able to understand how people live here.

I do not know how much I understood him, but from time to time, he surely conveys regret for staying like this.

People’s thinking is not uncommon

The truth is that our life is the same as we thought.

I wake up comfortably. There is no rush in our life.

I never wanted that when I got up in the morning, tension of everything else besides me remained in my mind.

It does not mean that both of them decided to avoid the responsibility of relationships.

Those who come to our house or whom we meet, feel that there is no responsibility for us, then we are in the fun, but are our responsibilities low?

We both can not touch anyone for their needs. We play our responsibility responsibly.

First people thought that if we live together then there is something wrong. There is something else between us. But it is not my concern to fix people’s thinking or value.

I wear vermilion, I wear beechia, we wear gold in the nose.

As long as I am wearing heart, I will not wear it if you are full.


After all what is wrong in …
One thing that was understandable in this relationship is that you can spend life with anyone, but you can live with those who are with you, but do not get involved in you.

People find our balanced life very strange.

It does not understand that there are two friends, they are eating, they are living. Neither demands anything, nor says, it lives in itself. What’s wrong in this … Why is this strange?

(This story is based on the life of a woman living in North India, who talked about the role of BBC correspondent Rai Rai. Her identity has been kept secret on the request of the woman. Producer of this series is Divya Arya.

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