GROUND REPORT: Powergame for murder, rivalry or money in Rohingya camp

_100042665_collage.jpgAt eight o’clock in the night, and Mohammad Yusuf’s wife had started serving him. Only then 20 people gathered outside the campus with plastic and tin roof and got entangled inside.

The attackers who started speaking Rohingya language started firing.

Yousuf, 42, died on the same spot. His wife’s life survived because the bullets were in the hands.

Rohingya rebels said the war will continue with the government

‘Attack on Jammu Army camp due to Rohingya’
Yusuf Jallal
‘Returning the list of those who wanted to return, why did you shoot’
The event is in January and the place was in Cox’s Bazar, the busy Refugee Camp.

Mohammed Yusuf, who ran a small shop of medicine in Mwangdō, Myanmar, had come to Bangladesh with family along with the violence.

Yusuf’s wife did not talk to us after returning home after treatment, but his son Mohammed Shoaib told a lot.

He said, “Being a camp leader, my father was just making a list of those refugees who are willing to return to Myanmar. Why was their life taken?”

Myanmar army says killings of Rohingya

Is Hindu-Muslim becoming Baramati, Burma?
Queue of relief material
A few more days after another brutal assassination
Over 7 lakh Rohingya refugees are living in separate camps in the Cox’s Bazaar area.

The respect and status of a camp leader is more because there is little access to help from all over the world.


When Rohingya refugee passed over the camp drone?
However, sensation in the Rohingya camps of Bangladesh increased when there was another ruthless murder after a few days of the incident.

Refugees have been living in Baluchali Refugee Camp for the past five months and prayers are read in a small mosque.

There was a cold winter in January and Yusuf Jalal, who had fled from Kannapada in Myanmar, had reached the Masjid walking from the house.

Why is the Bangladeshi media so worried by the BJP?

‘Kicked first, then put the tractor and finally trampled’
Contours for relief material
Found dead inside mosque
It was his daily routine because Azan used to give it.

That day was also ajaan But in a while when people read the prayer, the body of Yusuf Jalal was found lying inside the mosque.

The blood was spread all around and he was murdered by knife adoption.


Diphtheria Threat in Rohingya Refugee Camps on Bangladesh Border
His son Mohammed Usman still gets emotional after remembering that day.

He says, “After the murder of my nephews, we had escaped from the house.” Sixty-year-old my father was very humble and religious person, he had no animosity with anyone, he always wanted to return to his country. After this barbaric murder, the mother has not spoken a word and we all have a life threatening ”

Myanmar crisis: did Rohingya hit Hindus?
Nikarujamma Chaudhary, Administrative Officer, Qutuplong
Here the mutual rules …

The campaign to send millions of Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar from Bangladesh has not started, but tensions in refugee camps are increasing.

Workers and local people of international organizations told us that the mutual rituals or discrimination that started in Myanmar since Rohingya camps has also started here.

As the coverage of the camps has increased, the needs and priorities of the people have also increased. Bangladesh government is also facing new challenges.


Why are Rohingya Muslims fleeing?
Increasingly mutual fights
Qutuplong, Cox Market Administrative Officer Nikarujamma Chaudhary thinks that the alert will increase.

They said, “Their differences are increasing, perhaps because they are so close to each other, months ago when these people came to Bangladesh, the condition was second and they were very scared but their condition over time. Apart from providing relief to these, we have also created five police stations among the camps. ”

The only person who can solve the Rohingya crisis

‘Rohingya Muslims’ stay in one place
Kutupalong, Cox Market
Why did these two murders last?
The two Rohingya people who were killed were in favor of returning to Myanmar.

However, it is not clear that they were murdered only for the same reason.

Regardless of that, the Burmese government had shown some intention in the beginning, the truth is that the settlement of these refugees is yet to be halted.

Those who are living here in a foreign country also do not see them soon enough to return. But here too there are questions about their safety

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