Ground Report: How big issue is Rohingya in Myanmar?


If you are in Rangoon, you will not know that a big humanitarian tragedy is occurring in the western terrain of the country.

Over five lakh Rohingya Muslims crossed the border and took shelter in Bangladesh.

On August 25, Rohingya fighters attacked police check posts, since the army has launched a big campaign against Rohingyas.

There is tremendous pressure on the Myanmar administration to stop violence, eliminate instability and help humanitarian aid.

But the country’s largest city looks cool. The roads are clean, the greenery has spread and the roads are crowded but traffic is systematic. Women and men wearing clean clothes are going to work like daily.

The people here do not use the word Rohingya. In the media Rohingya people are said to be Bengali Muslims whereas some call them illegal Bangladeshi expatriates.

When I wanted to talk to people on Rohingya issue, people were either inclined to express their views or were changing the issue saying that ‘There are many other issues in this country too.’

After Miss Turkey, now Miss Chhina Gaya Taj from Myanmar

60 Rohingyas killed in boat mishap
Rally is being raised in support of leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar.
It also included senior journalists like Myanmar Press Council’s Vice-Chairman Yu Aung Laun.

Tune says, “The problem is with the political purpose behind the word Rohingya, when I was young, I had many Bengali friends and never said that they are Rohingya, these words have come a few decades ago.”

“They are not ethnic minorities of this country. This is the fact.” Rohingya and others do not accept this argument.

The Rohingya crisis has been shadowed in the international media for many weeks, but the Rohingya people living in Bangladesh’s relief camps in Myanmar’s newspapers do not have any place in the difficult life.

In turn, the army’s claim of mass graves of Hindus killed allegedly by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army in the newspapers was published prominently.

Is there a different opinion about this issue between students in Rangoon University? Students are more connected to the external world than the previous generations through social media.

Who is giving shelter to Rohingya Hindus fleeing from Myanmar?

UN ignored Rohingya Muslims!

Myanmar crisis: did Rohingya hit Hindus?


Rohingya refugee camp is born in this child
When I wanted to talk to the students at University Café, they initially ignored Some students said that they do not want to give their opinion. But when I started to talk about the complex issue of keeping, the response was immediate.

A student said, “Those who are seen from outside understand this as a religious problem, it is not so, violence is terrorism, wrong information about the province is kept in the international community. If you look outside, you feel that you are right. But we think we are right. ”

On the two side of the girl’s side, friends also shared the same opinion. A few days later, in 2007, during a ten-year celebration of pro-democracy demonstrations,

Tens of thousands of Buddhist monks participated in demonstrations. Later it was called Saffron Revolution.

The world’s attention towards the saffron monks performing against the military regime went unnoticed.

Who is Rohingya and what is the history of the kept?

Photos of Rohingya Muslims painting


When Rohingya refugee passed over the camp drone?
This ceremony was kept in a Buddhist monastery of Rangoon. Large banners were recollected while performing demonstrations. Apart from Buddhist monks, there were also a large number of people who had participated in 2007 demonstrations.

Many of these were former political prisoners who were sent to jail to support democracy and human rights. I was thinking that they might have different opinions on Rohingya issue.

Shwe Tonte Saar Tao was one of the monks who led the saffron revolution. I asked him whether Myanmar should not be treated equally with all the people including Rohingya Muslims as a youth democratic country?

He said, “In democracy all are equal but not terrorists.”

“If they choose terrorism then the people of the world should unite by destroying them or they will end our generation.”


The story of Rohingya Muslims coming from Bangladesh from Myanmar leaving burning houses
There is no doubt that the issue of Rohingya Muslims has increased support for Ang Sang Suu Kyi in Myanmar. Because of the silence on the Rohingya issue, Suu Kyi is on the target of the international community.

Rally is coming out in support of country’s leader Suu Kyi outside City Hall of Rangoon.

Senior UN officials have called the ‘racial massacre’ of violence against Rohingya Muslims, but the Myanmar government has dismissed this allegation.

Even before Myanmar, a large number of people have been evicted. When the army took over in the 1960s, people of Indian origin were fired from the country.

People of Indian origin have lived in Myanmar for centuries. Most of these were brought to work here during the British period in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Who are Rohingya Muslims?

According to an estimate, about three lakh people were freed from the country and their properties were nationalized at that time. People of Indian origin had returned to India.

Myanmar’s mainstream media are reluctant to talk about Rohingyas issue?

A senior editor and former political prisoner answered this question on condition of anonymity.

“Everyone is scared and all are reluctant to talk about this issue. First of all, safety is a matter of security, so most of the news is based on the press release issued to the government.”

“The pressure of the people is also on the media. If you go against the majority of ideas then your friends and relatives start to dislike you

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