Ground Report: ‘Drawing was done, child sketch of father’s murder’

_100043631_img_0728-1.jpgHalf a dozen children are reciting the national anthem of Myanmar by joining them with tone.

At the same time, a dozen women are working sewing work in the adjacent room and they get 50 taka (about 40 rupees) for this in the evening.

This place is the Balooqali Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh where these children and their families have been able to save their lives from Myanmar.

Many of these children, who have passed away from their own country, have seen their loved ones die before their eyes. The wounds of these memories of months old are still fresh in their zeenan.

PowerGame slaughter, rivalry or money game at Rohingya camp

Ground Report: Did Hindus Become Muslim, Burma Becomes
A class to encourage children
One of these children is extremely silent and looks out of the window while living. Mohammad Nur is twelve years old and his father died after a long illness last year.

In addition to the widowed mother, she has three sisters and in a small village in the protected areas, minor noor was trying to fill the stomach with vegetables.

But after the violence in Myanmar, the world of Mohammad Noor turned into a single day.

Mohammed Noor said, “On that day I was sitting in the market to sell vegetables that some people wearing masks came and started attacking with sharp weapons. I saw two of my cousins ​​die there and ran home. I moved towards the border with my family and still remember that the mind gets heavier, even today it is uneasy. ”

What is the ultimate root of the Rohingya Muslim crisis?

Rohingya crisis worsens Cox’s market ‘Shakl’
Balooqali Refugee Camp
In August last year, there was strong violence in Myanmar. After this, nearly seven lakh Rohingya Muslims took shelter in Bangladesh to avoid the danger on their life.

International organizations estimate that there are at least three lakh minorities in this figure, and concerns are increasing.

Most of the difficulties are psychologists who are suffering from adolescents as well as minor children. Depression is increasing in children as well as the needs of psychologists as well.

How big is Rohingya in Myanmar?

Myanmar crisis: did Rohingya hit Hindus?
Mahmooda, Psychiatrist, United Nations
Mahmooda is a psychiatrist who has been working in the Cox market for the last four months from the United Nations.

According to them, almost all refugees are in shock to be homeless from their homes, but the condition of children is the worst.

They said, “If any of these children saw the killing of their parents, someone saw the bullets, someone saw their houses burning. There are many children who have not yet forgotten that horrible sight, they have psychological support. It is difficult or else this post will go hunting on tromometric stress disorder or PTSD. ”

Rohingya Muslim struggle: fake pictures, ghee in fire

‘Satellite pictures to burn Rohingya Muslim villages’
This picture made by Rohiniya Kid
According to human rights organizations, in these new Rohingya camps of Bangladesh there are at least 5,000 families whose heads are now minor children.

The responsibilities for them have increased at a young age, but the tools have decreased.

Talking to doctors at several medical camps made between camps, it was found that far more attention is being given on dealing with cholera, fever, flu and malnutrition.

Medicaa São Francia (MSF), an international institution helping out with a lot of heartache, has agreed to talk to us.

‘Last chance near Suu Kyi on Rohingya crisis’

Why the Enemy in Buddhists and Muslims?
Doctor Cindy Scott
She was very upset about seeing a safe medical center in Kutupalong area.

Most of the treatment was going on for children, but a full hall has been set for those minorities who are facing mental problems.

MSF Clinical Psychologist Dr. Cindy Scott showed us a heart-shaped drawing.

During one school to enhance the morale of nearly one and a half dozen children, they were asked to make a picture of the surrounding environment.

Everyone, except a 9-year-old child, built mountains, rivers and trees. But this Rohingya Muslim child took a picture of the helicopter attack and the murder of his father at his home in Restain

Doctor Cindy Scott said, “The situation is difficult here, the people are getting sick and the children see their family suffer hard and there is nobody around to support them. Tomorrow I was a very depressed and troubled mother In the meanwhile, her children were sitting in the corner of the camp, fearing that her mother was about to die.

Ground Report: Rohingya Muslims “Do not Know Pain”
Rohingya Kid
Indeed, no future has been decided on the future of millions of refugees fleeing Bangladesh from Myanmar. Those children who reached these camps by escaping violence and bloodshed were told to be fate.

But the terror of what they have seen is haunting them even today. The biggest problem is that their focus on mental health has been reduced so far.

There is only one photo which has settled in their zenna. The murder of his father or mother and then the destruction that came in the form of human beings

The most heart-breaking event in Bangladesh

Myanmar army says killings of Rohingya

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