GROUND REPORT: Did Hindus Become a Muslim, Burma?


A few hours and a half hour had passed from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh that a board of refugee camps was seen. Clearly written ‘Temporary camp of refugees from Myanmar come from Myanmar.’

As soon as I enter, I see a woman is cutting wood with ax. This is another day of Rupa Bala’s life.

Two times the quick struggle for cooking and the next day again the ration of free ration will be found.

Rupali, father, father and three children can not go back or they are happy here because they are from Burma.

They said, “There is nothing left for us now, we do not want to go back to our village because there will not be security.” The governments of both countries will have to promise a two-year ration and a rooftop of Muangdo, then we will go back. ”

What is the ultimate root of the Rohingya Muslim crisis?

Ground Report: Rohingya Muslims “Do not Know Pain”
Temporary camps of Hindu refugees from Myanmar
‘odd Future’
Governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar have consistently kept the back of Rohingya refugees talking about the outline of the sending of these, but the matter is still stuck.

Millions of Rohingya people are still living in Refugee camps and are uncertain about their future.

Here the left hand of Rupa Bala’s son is always crooked. He says, “There is no problem even here, two months ago son’s broken bone was broken, due to lack of good doctor, bone wrong was added.

Rohingyas crisis: Myanmar army believed for the first time, soldiers involved in violence

Why the Enemy in Buddhists and Muslims?
Like Rupa, at least five hundred people are living in this camp for four months.

Earlier, all the people got shelter on a nearby farm. One of them was Anika Dhar who was pregnant. After the news in the BBC, they were sent to Burma with some other people. They needed a lot of medical facilities.

But most of the time are right here. Some had fled from Burma just before the crisis started, but now they are stuck. It says that there is a similar situation here as well.

Shishu Shil is living in the bid market area of ​​Burma and is cursing the day on which she illegally crossed the border.

Hindus are also running away from Myanmar

Attack on Jammu Army camp due to Rohingya: Assembly Speaker
Refugee Camp
They said, “Safe is not here but we are people, we can not go anywhere, if we do not have food, we can not eat properly, we have nothing at all. Does not give any place ”

In fact, these homeless people are getting themselves tied to a pendulum of hope and hopelessness.

In addition to the hassle of going back to Myanmar, these people are not ready to move from here without the guarantee of the safety of life and property.

Myanmar army says killings of Rohingya

Rohingya rebels said the war will continue with the government
Kutupalong camp
Refugee camp quarters
More than seven lakh Rohingya Muslims are also in this struggle. The raw camps are now ripe, but they can not go out of them or earn them.

The problems have diminished but the demands are the same. Kutapelong camp is currently the world’s largest refugee camp. The inner environment has improved a bit, but the depression on people’s faces is even higher than before.

We met a man named Mohammad Yunus, who worked as an electrician for three years in Malaysia, returned to Burma in June last year.

Rohingya rebels attacked and said, the fight from Myanmar government will continue

In the Hathain province, when two villages before them were seen burning fire, they ran towards Bangladesh with their wives and children.

Mohammed Yoonus said, “Unless the mosque of the mosque is allowed to be read in the mosque, we will not be allowed to run without a stop shop unless we have to give it to the President of Burma in writing. If we do not, we will stay here “.

Rai also got bitten when the refugees were sent back. International organizations and some countries have questioned their safety when they return to Burma.

6,700 Rohingya Muslims die in a month
Caroline Gluck, UNHCR
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Caroline Gluck believes that apart from the two countries, this is a question of the future of millions of humans.

They said, “The situation in Burma is not normal yet, there is no permission for movement in the reserved.” It will not be right to go there without providing human rights protection. ”

Among those who have been stranded between the two countries between going back and not knowing, every day is like a new challenge for them.

Rohingyya: Maati missed, Vatan turned down …

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