Fresh news from baby girl in Uttarakhand arson

_100728401_a5058791-91bf-463e-af9d-37ea9bdde5eb.jpgAfter a false news spread on social media in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, there was a situation of tension.

Regarding this matter, Rudraprayag District Magistrate Mangesh Kumar Ghildiyal told the BBC, “There is a tension in the Agasthyamuni area after a faked news spread on social media. The situation is under control now.”

He said, “The goods have been thrown out of some shops. There is no injuries in this incident.”

Ghildiyal also said, “Someone posted a wrong photo on social media, in this photo half a body of a young man and a woman is showing her face, and it has been written that a community person Has raped the girl of another community. ”
The angry protesters set fire to many stores
They said, “Police have not received any complaint of such incident, it was completely fake news but news spread on the social media spread to spreading people and there was tension.”

According to Ghildiyal, the person who posted the photo has been identified and will be arrested soon.
The administration has told the story to be fake but some people are constantly posting on social media.
An eyewitness told the BBC on the condition of anonymity, “The demonstrators had gathered near the police station, from which they came in the market by stirring shouting and targeted the shops of Muslims on the way.”

Chashmidid said, “Two shops of Muslims have been targeted near my house.” He has also heard the news of rape from a Hindu girl.
Such posts are being made on social media.
He says, “All people are talking about the incident of rape from a Hindu child and are upset about it, we have received such information through social media too. Most people are convinced that such an incident has happened.”

Agasthyamuni is a religious importance town of Uttarakhand which is about sixteen kilometers away from the district headquarters Rudraprayag. The only district college of Uttarakhand district is in this town with a population of around twenty thousand, and students staying in rural areas are studying.
Students of rape report demonstrated by Hindu girl
According to local journalist Harish Gusai, the number of Muslims in Agasthyamuni is limited and they put the shops of vegetables. Apart from this, do small things.

Harish Gusai says, “In recent months, the recent cases of molestation of Muslim youth of Muslim youth have been discussed many times, but there has been no FIR lodged on such incidents. The general public is resentful about such discussions. ”

According to Gusai, most of the students were involved in the show. He says, “There were about 2,000 protesters who were suddenly gathered, but no organization had called this exhibition, but people had gathered through social media. We have not seen such a big performance in Agasthamuni earlier.”
The protesters have also made arson in many shops.

Many shops have also been looted
Agathamuni, falling in the way of going to Kedarnath, is a quiet town similar to the rest of Uttarakhand, where such incidents have not happened before. These incidents of communal tension are new to this town.

The eyeglasses talked to the BBC, he said, “It is heart seeing after seeing such an atmosphere. This is the first time in Agasthyamuni, hopefully the administration will control the situation.”

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At the same time, the administration is also trying to deal with rumors from its level. The District Magistrate of Rudraprayag urged people to maintain peace and said, “We have taken control of the situation.” People are urged not to spread this rumor further and people of both communities maintain peace and patience. The incident has not happened. We are trying to stop the spread of furious news.

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