Four years after the death of the child, the child is born!

_100822006_gettyimages-840247540.pngAt first glance, it seems difficult to believe this story but it has happened.

This is the case of China, where four years after the death of a mother, a surrogate mother gave birth to her child.

According to the Chinese media, the child’s actual parents died in a road accident. The couple killed in 2013 had given their fetus a safe haven.

He wanted his child to come to this world through IVF technology.

After the accident, the couple’s parents fought long legal battle to get permission for the use of the fetus.

A surrogate mother of Southeast Asia country Laos gave birth to this child and ‘The Beijing News’ newspaper printed this week about it.
This was the first case
At the time of the accident, the embryo was kept safe in nitrogen at Nanjing Hospital at minus 196 degree temperature.

After winning a legal suit, grandparents and grandparents got the right over.

According to the report, there was no such case before which they could be given rights on their children’s fetus.

They were given a fetus, but after a while, the other problem came to light.

This embryo could only be taken from Nanjing Hospital to the condition that the second hospital would handle it.

But seeing the legal uncertainty in the case of the fetus, there is hardly any other hospital involved in it.

Since surrogacy is illegal in China, the only option was to find a surrogate mother outside of China.
The question of citizenship?
Therefore, Dada and Nana chose Laos through a surrogacy agency where the surrogacy was valid.

An airline was not ready to take the liquid nitrogen bottle (where the embryo was placed). So he was taken to Laos from the car.

This embryo was planted in the womb of surrogate mother in Laos and in December 2017 the child was born.

There was also a problem of citizenship for this child named Tiantiyan.

The child was not born in Laos in China because surrogate mother gave birth to a child in China by visiting tourist visa.

Because the parents of the child were not alive, so grandfathers and grandparents had to give blood and DNA tests to prove that the child was their grandson and his parents were Chinese citizens.

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