Did Sridevi have a risk of heart disease?

_100180311_gettyimages-152001258.jpgSridevi went away from this world, but his death left many questions behind him.

Behind his death, Cardiac Arist is being told the reason.

Sridevi was just 54 years old Generally, film stars who pay a lot of attention to health are not old enough to leave the world.

The common perception is that in this age, chances of heart disease are not equal in women at this age. Is this really the case?

According to doctors associated with the medical profession, Sridevi’s death is a lesson for women.
Indian Medical Association has said that giving a fitting tribute to Sridevi’s death no longer have that to run an awareness campaign for cardiac death in women. She wants to dedicate this campaign to Sridevi.

More danger to women?
According to Dr. K. Agrawal of Indian Medical Association, ‘women should not have pre-menopause heart disease.’

There are sex hormones found in women behind them which protect them from heart disease.

But in the last few years, the pre-menopause age has also increased heart attacks like women.

According to Dr. Agarwal, ‘Three heart attacks are happening in women at 10 heart attacks. This should not happen. ‘

Due to heart disease in women

Whenever a heart attack or cardiac arrest occurs in women, it is more serious than men.

Heart attacks in women may also start with difficulty in breathing.

Often they are attacked silent. The same thing happens in Sridevi’s case.

According to Dr. Agarwal, the diagnosis and treatment of disease in women starts with both delay.

This is because women take the pain in their chest lightly. He does not understand and the hospital goes away late, while the men go to the hospital quickly.

Women have more fear of breast cancer. Although the figures make vomiting storytelling.

According to Dr Agarwal, deaths from breast cancer in women across the world are low and there is more to heart attacks.

Therefore, today women are more inclined to spread awareness about cardiovascular disease.
Why delay the diagnosis of heart disease in women?
The data of electro cardiogram i.e. in women is often not correct.

That is because during electrochem, electrodes are replaced in other women.

In the US, Framingham is researching on women and heart disease for a long time.

According to that study:

The rates of sleep cardiac death in women are lower than men.
After Menopause, the risk of heart disease increases in women.
After the age of 40, coronary heart disease has one male in every two and one woman in every three.
Due to coronary heart disease, the number of women who died from coronary heart disease is half as compared to those who died.

This may also be one of the reasons for the film star Sridevi. According to Khaleej Times from Dubai, Sanjay Kapoor told him that Sridevi had no problem with Hart before.
How can screening of heart disease?
Taking lessons from Sridevi’s death, women can be aware of heart disease from today.

According to Dr K. Agrawal, it is still not late. There are some easy ways for this to be used which can be used.

6 minute walk test – If a woman can do 500 meters or more walk in six minutes, then the risk of blockage in her heart is very low.
Women who have crossed the age of 40 should never ignore such weakness, fatigue, chest pain, for which they do not know.
According to Doctor Agarwal, if anybody in the family has complained of heart disease, then those women need to be more vigilant. A man in the family has a heart disease before the age of 55 and the woman becomes 65 after the family history becomes Strong

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