Did BJP’s IT cell know about the Karnataka election date earlier?

_100581211_gettyimages-158206620.jpgBefore the Election Commission announced the dates for Karnataka assembly elections, BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya wrote in a tweet that in Karnataka on May 12, 2018 polling will take place and counting of votes will be held on 18th May.

In this tweet of Amit Malviya, the date of counting of votes was written on May 18, whereas according to the Election Commission, counting of votes in Karnataka will be on May 15th.

But his tweet about the date of voting was absolutely right. Election Commission has said that in Karnataka on May 12, the voting will be held.

How did one know Amit Malviya, a ‘secret government information’ that had not been made public till then?

Amit Malviya presented his defense and quoted a TV news channel.

But can there be any action against Amit Malviya on issuing such sensitive information? All the questions related to social media are being asked.

‘appropriate action’


Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat on the question how BJP’s IT Cell’s Head Amit Malviya has made social media on the dates of the Karnataka Elections.

11:24 am – 27 March 2018
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When asked about the tweets of Malviya, chief election commissioner Om Prakash Rawat, on Tuesday, he said, “Some sensitive information related to the election has been leaked, against which the Election Commission will take appropriate action.”

But before the announcement of the Election Commission, how did Amit Malviya have this information? The BBC talked to Amit Malviya about this.

Amit Malviya says that he can not say anything about this at the moment.

Amit Malviya has removed his tweet too.

The tweet that Malaviya removed

But on the social media, when some journalists asked Amit Malviya to ask the question, by releasing this information, they cited the breaking news of a private news channel.
Many senior journalists including Aam Aadmi Party’s Media Advisor Arunodaya Prakash, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala, have questioned that before the announcement, before the announcement, how the information which claims to be the secret of the secret, how the information of BJP’s IT cell operator Got it?

Many people on the social media are making fun of Amit Malviya’s removal of his tweets.

Amit Malviya’s dispute
Even before this Amit Malviya has been involved in his own standing controversies.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
On January 9 this year, he posted a disputed video of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on social media and accused his character

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