Commonwealth Diary: Why are the media surviving Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar

_100833297_gettyimages-945174834Sushil Kumar has made a new record for the third time in the Commonwealth Games by winning gold medal.

The way in which he dug dust to his rival wrestlers in four wrestlers, it was clear that he still had at least two years left wrestling.

35-year-old Sushil Kumar did not have to sweat a sweat to win a gold medal. Even no wrestler could take him up to one point.
But after winning such a big victory he did not talk to the media. They came in front of me twice. For the first time they said that Medel will talk after the ceremony. When Medell went on to become a seriema, he said that I have to go for a dope test. Just come in two minutes.

I kept waiting, but Sushil did not come out and got out of the back door.

Before joining Goldkost, his name had been linked to many controversies. A wrestler Pravin Rana had alleged that Sushil’s supporters beat him. Perhaps they are avoiding talking about all these things.

Babita’s father did not see daughter fighting as Goldman
Babita Kumari was unaware of the fact that she did not win the gold medal here, it was too much of a matter that despite seeing her coming abroad for the first time, her father Mahavir Singh Fogat could not enter the stadium. And he did not even see them on TV even fighting them.
Every player in Gold Coast has been given two tickets for his family, but Babita could not get the ticket. When he complained to the Chef de Mission Vikram Sisodia, he told that all the wrestlers’ tickets have been given to their coach Rajiv Tomar. He has given five tickets to Tomar with his own hands.

When Babita asked for a ticket from Tomar, he had no tickets available. Mahavir Singh Phogat is a big star in India because he has trained Phogat sisters to be a wrestler, but perhaps the Indian wrestling officer is not such a big fan of him.

Here many parents of many sports stars have been given ‘Accreditation’ on behalf of the Indian Olympic Association, but Babita was unhappy with the fact that even after coming so far, his father could not get admission in the stadium.

In the end, the Australian team helped him and somehow gave him a ticket. But as long as he could get inside the stadium, Babita’s final match was over.
Babita fought all his wrestles well, but Diana Wicker of Canada was heavily involved in it.

Babita told that the Canadian wrestler had very good deterense. I had a knee injury, but still I gave my 100 percent. Chats are the jewel of the player. Maybe there is something wrong with me, because in the wrestling one hundred and a half of the second part can also turn around.

Babita has won a medal for the third time in the Commonwealth Games.

Rahul is awaiting the next star of Indian wrestling
The way Rahul Rahul, who lived in Kolhapur in Maharashtra, defeated England’s wrestler George Ram in his first wrestling, got the impression of this wrestler’s talent.
Pakistani wrestler Bilal Mohammed gave him a tough fight, but there was no doubt that Rahul was a better wrestler than him. In the final, he was a Canadian native Japanese wrestler Steven Takashahi.

They are world class wrestlers. He also made an edge over Rahul by knocking the Indian cheat Dhobi at one go, but Rahul repeatedly trapped him in his ranks.
One minute before the wrestling ended, Rahul also suffered a thigh around the thigh but after a few treatments, he got on the mat again, and then he did not give any chance to the obscurity.

In the last moments, the caveat tried his last attempt to chase him, but by then the muster had stopped. Rahul was also a claimant to represent India in Rio Olympics, but his saint Sandeep Tomar was elected.
Rahul talked to me first after the victory. He said this is the biggest day of my life. I dedicate my gold medal to my first coach, Harish Chandra Birajdar. They also won medals like me in the Commonwealth Games, but they are no longer in this world

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