‘Chatbot’ will hear complaints of harassment in the office!

_100594300_gettyimages-632342610.jpgDiscrimination and harassment are common among employees in any office.

There will hardly be a office where people are not complaining. Boss’s likes and dislikes towards employees gives rise to these two evils and it suffers only to the subordinates.

Female employees are the most prey.

However, every office has an HR or Human Resource department to hear complaints from any employee. But the victim will get justice from there, there is no guarantee of it.

It may be that if you take the complaint, then the agreement should be suggested after a long hearing. Or should you be justified.

Fahihist man
It is not necessary that you behave like a victim. Maybe that’s why many women workers suffer persecution. In this fight of the victims, the men are also included.
But now the help of a technique is being taken to ease the difficulties of working people of oppression and discrimination.

In the US, a computer program has been launched in the month of February, where the victims can be heard by their peers. This is called ‘chatbot’. The ‘chat’ is the conversation and the word ‘bot’ has been taken from the robot.

That is, this is a program where solving problems can be solved after talking to the victim. The researchers named Chattabot ‘Spot’.

Chatbot help
For example, if someone is victim of physical abuse in her office, she can take help from Chatbot. Chatbot will ask her some exact questions like day, date. Month, time and so on

After the match, he will confirm that the complaint is genuine or false.
If the complaint is found correct, that machine will recommend it.

It is not necessary for you to log on to the office computer to consult Chatbot. The help of these machines, HR employees, can be taken even through personal computers.

If the complainant has any proof in his favor, then he can also be presented. For example, if there is an objectionable message, e-mail or photo, then it can be uploaded to chatbot.

Legal battle
If the victim mentions a witness, then Chatbot will ask the witness to upload a report report.

Chatbot will make some queries through voice and process their answers in their memory and prepare a comprehensive report in the form of a PDF file.

In this report, Chatbot will give some suggestions. Also, the way to legal war will also suggest.

There is often harassment of employees in the offices and at workplaces. As all victims do not file their complaints. That’s why the correct data is not present.
But the BBC has a research on nearly two thousand female employees. This shows that women are the victims of the most discrimination and harassment.

Platform of victims
However there are laws to deal with this problem. But the legal battle stretches long. Both times and money are needed.

Therefore, there is a need to provide such platform to the victims, where they can raise their voices without any fear.

In this work chatbot i.e. spot can prove to be effective.

Trying to make ‘Spot’ more advanced is also being done. Those working on this computer program say that the new app is being included to understand and remember the complainant’s mind condition.

Any report that Chattabot has prepared on the basis of complaint will be kept completely confidential.

Recordings on Chatsbot
If there is discrimination or harassment many times with the victim, then they can record every time the chats on the chatbot. It is not necessary to remember the victims of all the incidents.

But Chatbot will keep records of all the details. In the light of these incidents, they will also give better advice to the victim.

In a campaign like Me and Times-up, many companies in the business are thinking of working on ways to overcome such exploitation, harassment and discrimination.

The issue of equality of all and justice is continued. Despite this there are many constraints that the victims suffer from coming out to complain.

Actually people do not know how to raise their voice. Many employees are not fully aware of their company’s HR policy.

Not talking to HR
Even if an employee is discriminated in an annual appraisal, he remains silent. He does not talk about going to the HR department. One of the major reasons for this is distrust.

The fear of the victim remains that if he raises the voice, then it can be changed in any aspect.
Similarly, the girls who are physically exploited also raise their voice only when the water moves above the head.

They also fear in their mind that, if there is a complaint, they may not start with excess money or they are separated. They keep ablution from silence. Which has a bad effect on health. His work also begins to glimpse.

It has been found in a research that the women whose complaint was properly disposed of became more stress free. His health was also fine.

Interview results
Chatbot makers count it a great deal. To a lesser extent it is also beneficial. But with goodness it has some drawbacks too. The experts believe that even though victims are asked questions through Skype or Messenger.

But it is difficult to say the results of this interview will be perfect. When two human beings

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