Blog: Sridevi, with a twisted look, lost in dreams

_100174025_8a50526c-7821-44fe-bab0-e01237dedb38.jpgSridevi was thirteen years older than me. When I was thirteen years old, she was at the peak of Indian cinema.

Apart from ‘Himmatwala’, ‘Shadam’, ‘Aakhiri Rasta’, ‘Nagina’ and ‘Mr. India’, more than thirty films, his magic was in front of the people.

We used to bet with our very own friends that who is against Sridevi. It was a kind of antakshari which used to count the names of the films.

Then there was no mobile, no Google; Of course, we knew the names of successful and popular films. Sridevi used to have more movies in the part.

This line was after Jaya Bhaduri and Madhuri Dixit was about to arrive.
Sridevi with husband Bonnie Kapoor
Remembrance of sreedevi
In those days the cinema stars were like stars for us in the sky. Therefore, it was difficult to believe that when we saw Sridevi in ​​front of us for years.

Although he was standing with Boney Kapoor, but I was being seen by Sridevi only. She was an award function and she came to give some excuses on stage.

I remember only Sridevi in ​​that whole scene. Neither the second person, nor the scattered lights around them. Just and only Sridevi

Their hypnosis may have been on many people of our age. After the nineties we have seen very nice and very beautiful actresses.

But no one was filled with the fluttering of Sridevi and the lack of consolation on the face. However, he kept coming in the middle and stunned the audience.

Old films
That was the time when old films were seen wildly on private television and Sridevi was never able to escape from the scene.

How many times have we seen ‘Mr. India’ and apart from Mogambo, you will be engaging and losing in the songs filmed on them.

Whether we are doing ‘we love’ from Mr. India or ‘sorry sister, we will not be noisy’ or ‘I am coming to light the electricity, I say air me.’

At this time, when the news of his absence is ringing like an uneasy hour in the brain, these songs are floating on the whole body.

In those days our family lived in Darbhanga. I was an eighth grade student. My Babuji was the Principal of a school in a town named Mohammadpur for a few days.
Obsession to watch movies
Mohammedpur used to be in the middle of the railway line from Darbhanga to Sitamarhi.

There was a relatively backward place, where there was no such thing as a fixed market and there was no such thing as a permanent market, but there was a cinema hall where there was a long hut of bamboo.

The film was shown in a rupee and had to sit down on the straw spread over the ground. I remember, I saw ‘Himmatwala’ there.

This film, which was released in 1983, has come down from all over India. That was the film from where I was passionate about watching movies of Sridevi.

The same day, ‘Nagina’ was also released and I remember, somebody had got married in our house and took a new look and took everyone to ‘Nagina’.

I was not taken because of being small and later I saw this movie in a procession.

‘Bollywood’s Amavasya, Cinema’s Moonlight Has Gone’

‘Sridevi hugged me for the last time’


Not a Bollywood moonlight
Never been old …
Then the trend of showing films on VCP for the entertainment of the Baratis had begun.

In the celebrations of Saraswati Puja, when we got out on the road, the song was resonant about loudspeakers – ‘I am your enemy enemy you mine; I am a female snake, you are a snake charmer!’

I was surprised when the band party that ran with the procession sang this song with great enthusiasm.

The new forms of old actresses awaken us from sleeping, that ‘all day does not happen together’.

Waheeda Rehman, Vaijayanthi Mala, Sharmila Tagore and Jaya Bhaduri got accustomed with age, but two actresses were never old enough – Rekha and Sridevi.
‘Shock’ gave Sridevi
What came to my mind in the first place with the news of Sridevi’s absence was that we would always be able to remember him in the same shape and appearance.

After a long time when he appeared in ‘English Winglish’, there was not much change in his work. A new color of top performance and climbed.

Even in ‘Mom’ we saw them like that, as she looked like in the eighties.

We can say that he had tasted the willful desire to keep the form and the quality in order. But Sridevi will remember me for the film ‘Shadma’.

An abodha, madfiree and a mind-boggling character of weak girl and always keeps on standing at the door of Kamal Hassan’s tear memories.

Sridevi: The low back queen of Hindi films?

How did the boys in Pakistan see Sridevi films in hostels?


Why is Sridevi missing Afghanistan?
In particular, the song- ‘Surmai Akhizi’, ‘Ninha-Munna Ek Sapna De Jaa Re, Nindiya’s Flying Pakhi Re, Akija’s Aaza Sahan Re … Ra Rahi Ra Rum, O Rae Re-Room!’

And that last

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