Blog of Vogue: Jodhpur residents killed in chinkara’s letter

_100764208_gettyimages-943027472My dear Jodhpuris,

I bow to you with all four legs and horns.

After all I have given respect to my younger brother Pingu Chinkara after the assassination and to save my breed and to increase it, after which I have no grief to leave the earth.

Rather, in the meantime, many cows, bulls and untimely people have come here, we have settled in a huge colony of all Indians in heaven.

There is no shortage of open grounds to eat, drink, graze and escape from there. Animals and humans all care about each other well.
Fan of Salman
When I and Pingu came here after a couple of days they got married to two Sushil Chankarnas coming from Pakistan.

They belong to the district Tharparkar, who came here to be the target of an Arab Sheik’s bullet.

With the help of everyone, there are 41 small people in our Chinkara family. Last week I became a grandfather too.

There is also a three-day old newspaper.

The newspaper revealed that in a case of murder of me and Pingu, a Jodhpur court granted Salman Khan five years imprisonment.
Salman apologizes
I and Pingu were also happy and sad too, that you people gave full support to the chinkara community in turning an injustice into justice, and the sadness that I and Pingu would be the target of the superstar’s bullet Whichever we were also fan, and when we heard the news of him coming there, we also reached there happily to see.

Here in heaven my children and Nawas-Navas do not know much about Salman Khan, but Tiger knows well to Shroff.

Rather, one of my nephews also tweeted Tiger and also broke his last leg.

I am writing this letter to Jodhpur residents that I and Pingu decided yesterday that Salman Khan should be forgiven now.
Chinkara fraternity
But there is a prerogative that they should co-operate with the money and wealth of the Chinkara fraternity in Rajasthan and in their care, and also keep this awareness message coming to the people coming from the city that the chinkara is not the enemy but the friend of the alternative.

And the people of Rajasthan, if you are really our friends, the more love you have with us, the same love should be given to humans like yourself.

We do not know the differentiated discrimination. There is no Shambhalal in ours. Why can not you become like us The thought of becoming a chinkara will immediately be understood.

Now let’s go, it’s time for me to run. Be happy my jodhpuris rajasthanas


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