Blog: #HerChoice What happens when women win by their own wishes?

_99632636_1.jpg‘You, who keep wives separate, from prostitutes

And keep the girlfriends apart, wives

How terrified

When the woman wanders unknowingly, looking for her personality

At the same time prostitutes and wives and lovers! ‘

Almost 40 years ago, when the famous Hindi poet Alok Dhanwa wrote these lines in his poem, ‘Bhaaghee Girls’, we were addressing you only.

The truth is, when the woman becomes unfaithful, then we are terrified.

But do you know, women do not stop wandering from this!

Some have closed eyes, have turned eyesight, and some women have brought revolution in their life quietly.

So we thought that this hidden grave should be lighted.


12 true stories
You should meet the women of India who are looking for their personality by overcoming social issues, preferring their wishes and affection.

These women are living between us and you. India’s north, north-east, south, west, urban, rural – she is living with her wish #HerChoice.

We will bring out the strange stories of 12 women of different segments and terrain.

The promise is that these stories will surely surprise you. In India, you will make a great deal of understanding and thinking about young and middle-aged women.

The story of a woman who after marriage revealed that her husband is impotent. No one can make a physical relationship or is willing to love.

The man also married by lying under the pressure of society, but what did this woman do in that incomplete relationship?


There is also a girl, whose grand parents abandoned that girl, after her birth, for her love affairs.

What is the likelihood of the girl who was orphan while being a parent?


Free women
There is plenty of talk about gay relationships but have you ever seen two women living together for decades without any love relationship?

Would you like to meet such two independent birds?


For those who see divorced women, especially those who look at poor glasses, the story will be special, which will introduce them to a woman who, after losing her husband’s love, learned to respect herself and love herself.


Stories are also very interesting for women who have decided to stay alone with their choice.

That’s a tough decision to not marry, which is not always less than winning the battle against family and society.


And they are happy.

Someone is alone.

Someone has adopted the girl and she is struggling to raise her alone.


Being a mother in a live-in relationship
Someone is more impatient and after having a pregnancy in his live-in relationship, and even after breaking that relationship, he is keeping the child alone and is pursuing alone.


There will also be a story of a woman who got married under the pressure of her parents but in that relationship only the husband got the violence.

How can he deal with it? What remained in that relationship? Or got the courage to break?


Do not beat your husband, but if you do not even love, what? Is there any way to freshen up in a monotonous wedding? Can the domestic woman feel incomplete in the role of wife and mother?

If he dares to fulfill him with a non-man, then?


Why do you mind fleeing from your own husbands?

There will also be a story which will tell its reasons and without breaking the relationship, there will also be a woman’s path to make breathing space.


How do women become ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the man and his family, if the woman is disabled?

In the story of such a woman, the courage to build a relationship before marriage, and then in that relationship will be able to reassure her abilities.



Women in the Antarctic
Story of a powerful woman
The less educated but also the story of the powerful woman we will bring that is living with a non-responsible husband. He does not earn and forcefully creates a physical relationship.

The birth of children is not restricted, the woman’s body is becoming weak, but there is no courage to break the relationship.

What does such a woman do? What is his wish and what is the path to him?


These twelve absurd stories will read comfortably every Saturday and Sunday in BBC Special Series #HerChoice.

And will think.

Thinking and understanding are most important.

Because know that this is happening between us and you.

Someone is thinking, someone is able to do it.

And this is an opportunity to know them.

Like poet Alok Dhanva has written in his poetry, ‘Paige Huiya’

‘How many girls, Bhagat is my mind

In your own diary, in your diary

Truly girls, their population is very big

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