Blog: #HerChoice ‘Abuse is given only on the names of women!’

_99716481_a2e7ca42-54c0-4394-8d76-952f3832ad02.jpgThose abuses are considered so indecent that they should pray here. But know them are you and I too They can change their meaning in different areas of the country but their language does not change.

In the language of abuse, only the woman, her body or her relationship is used. Often wrapping in violence and with ‘sexual’ tones.

These abuses are so commonly used that both men and women become part of the language of both.

But abusers also give women a second rank in front of men in a manner and it makes many disturbances to many women.

Probably because when we started a special series on women’s ‘wish’ and free thought, there were many uneasiness in women’s mind.


‘Women also have hearts and mind’
A reader, Seema Rai, commented on the slogans associated with women on our Facebook page, on the #HerChoice, series of stories of women who play their own lives and relationships.

He also wrote that “women can vote for every issue, they have hearts and minds, but they are expected to not speak.”

Seema Rai’s gesture was especially towards our first story where a woman is openly telling about her ‘sexual design’.

Now you also know that women’s thinking is not given preference on such an issue. Leave aside the importance, the common perception is that such desires only happen in men.

Of course, many women have seen their numbers in the story of that woman. Another reader, Veerasani Baghel, wrote that “the story of the woman this is, she shows a different mirror of society.”


True stories of women
Veerasani further writes that “It proves that the deficiency is not always in the women, the deficit is also in the men, and the society needs to remove the specs of its misconception.”

Our stories are true, but the identity of women has been kept secret because it is fear that the society and the people who do not know what kind of reaction the people do not know.

But the women who read these unnamed stories are writing with a brilliance.

Poonam Kumari Gupta speaks with great clarity. They say, “It is not known how much people will change, but maybe the sloping of women itself will be reduced.”

These stories are not hurt and complained. Being social pressures, family issues, and being a woman, breaking the fixed roles, listen to your mind.

That is why reading of them is decreasing the ebb and then someone is encouraged to live life differently.


The opportunity to know the hearts and minds of women
One reader Meenakshi Thakur writes on our second story of being with two women, tied with no physical relationship, “The courage to live by their means is not in everyone, which they both showed!”

Atyah Rahman wrote that “when you really know what the reason for what you are doing and what you really want, then such stories are formed.”

In our society, women often do not know how to know, recognize and value their own desires.

Perhaps that’s why readers of this series, which tell stories of 12 common women, are so interested in the readers.

This is the occasion to know about women’s heart and the heart of the men of men

Two more Beabak stories will come again Saturday and Sunday again. Read and tell that they scared or dared your mind

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