BJP’s ‘Baghi’ MP Savitri Bai Phule will leave the Kamal’s ban on elephants?

_100698011_modi.jpgSavitri Bai Phule, MP from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who has adopted the anti-Dalit issue on the issue of Dalits, has been in the discussion for the past few days.

In the ‘Indian Constitution Save Rally’ in Lucknow on April 1, Phule had said, “It has been said that the Constitution has come to change. It is said that the reservation will end. Baba Saheb’s Constitution is not safe. ”

BBC Hindi radio editor Rajesh Joshi and reporter Iqbal Ahmed talked to Savitri Bai Phule in Delhi in Facebook Live. During this conversation, Savitri Bai Phule responded to questions from BJP about differences and going to the BSP.
Savitri Bai Phule
Who is the danger from the constitution? During the entire conversation in response to this question, Savitri Phule does not take anyone’s name but says – you all know who they are.

Although flowers say so, they mention the statements which recently the ministers of the Modi government had given to the constitution to change.

With BBC’s Rajesh Joshi and Iqbal Ahmed Savitri Bai Phule
Read, some special words of Savitri Bai Phule-

Through news papers, TV channels and radio, you must have come to know that there are things to change the Constitution, sometimes to review and to end the reservation.

If India’s Constitution or reservation ends, then the rights of the majority will end.

If today’s people of Bahujan Samaj are dreaming of becoming the IAS, Police, Prime Minister or President then they are looking after the constitution made by Baba Saheb.

My point is that the Constitution of India is very good in the world. It should be implemented fully.

To date many governments have come and gone but the Constitution of India has not been fully implemented. Because of this, many people of the backward castes are forced to live in slums and to carry muds.

How did Savitri Bai Phule come to politics?
When I was very young and our family members were connected to Bamcef. We talked to our teacher Achheharath Kanowjia. Mayawati was then the Chief Minister.

The people of our family had gone to the rally in Bahraich. Guruji gave us speech in the rally On that day when my father returned home, he said, ‘Mayawati can become the Chief Minister if she can become the Chief Minister then my daughter can also be made.

Dad said that we want to make our daughter go ahead like Mayawati. Father gave me the Guru on that day. Guruji taught me and brought me to politics.

I was studying in the sixth class, so I had to get scholarship. I told the teacher that when the students of Scheduled Castes get Scholarships for their studies by the government, then we should get it.

At the same time our teacher fired me from school. I waited for three years. Then our teacher introduced me to Mayawati.

Mayawati ordered the district officer and my admission was done. This is where my politics started.

Mayawati’s reason to stop BJP’s favor?
Many times there are political situations that I have to go to BJP.

The reason for this is that in 2000, Mayawati had fired me from the party. For this reason I went to BJP.

On the BJP ticket I contested the Assembly elections three times. In the year 2012, I became a legislator and became an MP in 2014.

I do not do politics of opportunism. I got a ticket because of Baba Saheb. If the Constitution did not have Bahraich safe seat, then I could not become a Member of Parliament. I am not sure anybody (BJP) will give me a ticket.
Which issues do not match the BJP’s thinking of flowers?
I do not protest. I am a Member of Parliament, it is my responsibility to demand that I apply the constitution in the Lok Sabha.

I request that Prime Minister Modi also do the work of pushing the masses by fully implementing the Indian constitution.

I am ready to sacrifice whatever sacrifices I have to give to the constitution and reservation of India completely.

Prior to the form of the legislation being talked about, villages with scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and tribal women are being blown out of India. There was gang rape and exploitation.

Then there was a law in Parliament that if the Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe exploited anybody, then he would be severely punished under the purview of law. People were afraid of that law.

For the bloody revolution that took place during the India bandh on April 2, it is the person who is playing with the law, who has gone to the Supreme Court. Such a person should be severely punished.
Why Savitri kept silent for four years?
I’m not quiet What is happening with the backward, scheduled caste, tribal and tribal women in India. The oil is being blown up by pouring oil.

The statue of the Constitution creator is being broken in the country. I want to ask why no action is being taken against those who break the statue of Baba Saheb.

I raised the issue of Dalits in the Lok Sabha in 2014. I have been raising the voice of continued women and backward. I request the Government of India to take strict action against those who are tortured against the masses.

(During this conversation, Rajesh Joshi has asked many times to blame that your government is in both UP and Center, why does your government not take any steps? Even when asked, flowers did not answer this question.

Savitri to join BSP?
When the right time comes, then it will be seen.

Right now, I am raising the voice from the road to the parliament for the sake of justice and the implementation of the Constitution.

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