Attitude: Is Rohingya showing India back on the issue?

_97998738_3e06388d-91d8-4b51-835b-76b9cd2fb24a.jpgIn their country, they are unwanted people in Myanmar, they have been denied citizenship and status of equality and their lives have been lost due to the long-standing rebellion in their name.

On the other side, they have no friends even in the outside world. Now the Indian government is also saying that Rohingya Muslims living in the country are in danger of protecting the country.

Earlier this month, a government minister had raised a big storm saying that about 40,000 Rohingya Muslims from India will be sent back to the Rohingya population. However, it includes 16,000 people, who have been registered as refugees by the United Nations.

Most people in Rohingya Muslims fleeing to save themselves from oppression in their country, majority of Myanmar’s Buddhist population consider illegal non-resident foreigners from Bangladesh. There were about 10 lakhs of total population.

Who is Rohingya and what is the history of the kept?

Rohingyas do not expect help from Trump: Sheikh Hasina
Why raise the controversy?
People in Myanmar believe that Rohingyas started coming in the 1970s and they spread throughout the country. Most of them live in highly orchestrated camps.

But this announcement of the Indian government has happened in such times when many believe that this is not the right time. The reason for this is that violence in Myanmar’s Taenain province is happening and since August, more than four lakh Rohingya Muslims crossed the border and went to Bangladesh.
When the petitioners approached the Supreme Court in protest of the Indian government’s plan, the Narendra Modi government said that he had intelligence information that some of the members of the community are associated with the global extremist organizations, some organizations Belong to Pakistan.

The government said in the court that the refugees living here are involved in anti-national and illegal activities and they can become the cause of religious unrest.

Why did India and China stay at Rohingya Muslims?

View: ‘How Rohingya became a threat to India after 20 years’
NATA with international extremist organizations?
Analyst believes that the danger of underground members of the rebel organization of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (RISA) can not be ruled out.

The violence that is continuing in the province of Tinayne began in August when armed insurgents attacked the police checkpoints and killed 12 people.
According to the reports, this group has at least 600 weapon fighters. Bangladeshi officials claim that Mira belonged to the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a banned extremist organization.

JMB was deemed responsible for an attack in a cafe in Dhaka last January, in which 20 hostages were killed. The Government of India believes that a group like a mirror, can be threatened for regional security.

Those who oppose this move are surprised at the fact that on the basis of intelligence that the Indian government has said about linking the Rohingya refugees living in India with extremists, how trustworthy she is.

Photos of Rohingya Muslims painting

‘Satellite pictures to burn Rohingya Muslim villages’


The story of Rohingya Muslims coming from Bangladesh from Myanmar leaving burning houses
India has accountability towards international treaties?
Analysts say that India has been fighting rebel groups in the Northeast and Maoists in central India for a long time and expect more national security than the Rohingya refugees living in the country.

Some people are also questioning the fact that it is appropriate to punish the entire Rohingya population for the sake of security threats, for some people’s crime.

On the other hand, India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh says Rohingya is not a refugee but a non-resident foreigner.

But critics say that since India is legally accountable to the UN’s principle under which a country can not return the asylum seekers to a place where their lives are in danger. They say that such a move can not be supported by the Government of India.

Apart from this, it has clearly written in the Constitution of India that ‘will try to follow international laws in dealing with the group of people.’

Ground Report: How are Rohingya refugees staying in Bangladeshi camps?
The refugees are also coming before
Asia has one-third of the total number of displaced people i.e. two million people. India has an interesting record in terms of refugee protection.

Although India is not part of the United Nations Refugee Treaty 1951 and its protocol and it does not have any formal refugee policy, according to the United Nations High Commission on Refugee Affairs, there are a total of two lakh refugees in India.

There are one million Tibetans coming from China and 60,000 Tamils ​​from Sri Lanka. At the same time, India has been allowing refugees to come from political reasons too.

For example, in 1971, during the war with Pakistan, it allowed tens of thousands of refugees from East Pakistan to come here. In this war, India also gave training and support to freedom fighters. After this war, Bangladesh was born.

How did this issue in India?
Refugees International is expressed partly distrust former president international refugee process has many people like Michael Gebaudn India as refugees have been made in the past and because of this is also appreciated.

He was told by a group of Indian researchers in 2015, “the image of the Rohingya in India’s foreign, Muslim, Deshvihin, suspected Bangladeshi who are scattered all over the country. This is due to considered illegal, unwanted and headaches.”

Analyst Subir Bhaumik says that due to this also, it has become an issue for Hindutva politicians to increase their base.


Look at the Rohingya crisis with a human eye: Sheikh Hasina
Would it be okay to send back?
He says, “Remember, how did Modi and his party wind up the issue of illegal immigration of Bangladesh in the last general elections?”

Many are also worried about the issue of sending Rohingya people back to Myanmar, where there are allegations of “racial slaughter and human rights violations”.

Says Daniel Sullivan’s Rifrugi International, “a whole bunch of ideas to but people have the right and responsibility that they have security of a country should not be mixed with the issue of sending back into place where the threat to his life And human rights violations, even death. ”

This is something that India needs to understand well.

The General General of Myanmar said, Rohingya responsible for the crisis

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