Attitude: Do Rohingya extremists killed Hindus?

_98014595_gettyimages-853466664.jpgThe bodies of 28 Hindus were recovered in Sunday in Myanmar’s Harenin province.

This claim of Myanmar army has been given place not only in India but in the larger section of the media around the world.

Unconfirmed claims were made by the Burmese government that Rohingya extremists had allegedly killed these Hindus last month. However, independent sources could not be confirmed.

At the same time, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) has denied the claims, saying it has not attacked civilians.

Earlier on September 5, the Chief of Myanmar Army posted on Facebook, “The Bengali extremists of ARSA are planning to attack the main cities of Myanmar with the help of the foreign government.”

Attitude: Is Rohingya showing India back on the issue?

Founder’s mass grave found in Takhine – Government of Myanmar
Army claim
No chance, no news, no press releases, nor a question to ask journalists. Just Facebook Post!

Myanmar army’s myths, lovers of new technology have become a 21st century youth.

Myanmar army claims are also interesting because the army talked of supporting the extradition from abroad on the same day, on the day the Mizzima claimed in the news published by the sources of India and Bangladesh, unknown sources said that Pakistan and Islamic State The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army helped to attack the police posts on August 25. After these attacks, violence in the protected areas and the current humanitarian crisis started there.

It was also claimed in the Mizzima report that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has helped train ARSA fighters on the hills of Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Who is Deleting From Facebook, Rohingya Supported Posts?

Who is Rohingya and what is the history of the kept?
Indian connection of news
It has also been said in the report that the Islamic State’s Iraq recruiter also congratulated ARSA for the jihadist campaign against the army, Buddhists and Hindu fundamentalists in Myanmar.

These were reportedly reported by the hand of a call recorded on behalf of Indian intelligence agencies.

It was a tough attack. It was the announcement of the arrival of the Islamic State in Myanmar. It was exactly like ‘Home-Communist has reached!’

The hills of Chittagong are the most militarily inhabited area in Bangladesh. The Directorate of Intelligence Service of Bangladesh (DGBFI) is no unobtrusive agency.

When Sheikh Hasina’s government is engaged in a major struggle with extremists, it would be naïve to say that Bangladesh army, Bangladesh Rifles, DGBFI and Rapid Action Battalion- all have kept their heads in the sand.

Myanmar: The only person who can solve the Rohingya crisis

Who is the Rohingya protecting army?


Special talks from Aung San List
Myanmar News website
Also, do not forget that Mizzima was established by Myanmar residents who was exiled in India. The allegations of hijacking on them were settled by mutual conversation.

During the exile, the Indian government gave them an Indian passport to travel around the world.

In the words of Louis Carroll, it is becoming more interesting. The operators of a web portal operated by Delhi, who accept the connection with the Indian intelligence agencies, publish an inaccurate tabloid claiming that the ASRA fighters are killing the Buddhists and the Hindus.

This story also appeared on a website run by Rangoon. However, this website, running from Rangoon, was first introduced in Thailand. Based on this story, Burmese army chief wrote his Facebook post. And then everyone was stuck in a puzzle.

Jihadi united to take revenge for Rohingya

Rohiniya is a threat to the Muslim country: Govindacharya


When Rohingya refugee passed over the camp drone?
Truth of Myanmar
Myanmar has not yet accepted any investigation process under United Nations Human Rights Treaty.

Neither Myanmar has accepted the international agreement on political and civil rights.

Apart from this, he has neither accepted the United Nations Convention Against Harassment nor accepted any international agreement to protect against any kind of racial discrimination or to forcibly disappear.

Speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council on September 19, Marzuki Darussalam, the head of the Free International Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar, had said that he has not been able to go to Myanmar so far.

After all who are Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya crisis: What is the compulsion of Suhui?
Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Inquired from scrutiny
In order to investigate human rights in Myanmar, a three-member team of the United Nations Human Rights Council formed on May 30 has not been allowed to stay.

The Committee, headed by former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has not been given the right to investigate individual cases of human rights violations.

The Commission constituted for investigation of human rights in Mongdaw of the Burmese government’s Resten Province presented its final report on August 8, 2017.

It is not surprising that the inquiry commission could not confirm many charges and further investigations Needed The inquiry commission rejected serious allegations of human rights violations.

Rohiniya Crisis: ‘No Pregnant Drug Is Done’

Rohiniya Crisis: ‘They were cutting parts of women’s lives’


The story of Rohingya Muslims coming from Bangladesh from Myanmar leaving burning houses
International investigation
If the Myanmar army is convinced that the members of the ARSA have killed the Hindu people, they should immediately invite the International Commission for the identification of victims on the mass graves.

According to the International Commission of Inquiry, high level forensic investigation is necessary for two reasons of mass graves. First of all, that the evidence can be used in national and international criminal prosecutions.

Secondly, the family has the right to know that what happened to their loved ones and that they could do the funeral after identifying their loved ones.

Why Modi Government wants to take Rohingya from India?

Why save India from giving statements on Rohingya crisis?


Look at the Rohingya crisis with a human eye: Sheikh Hasina
Army of Myanmar
There is a big game to give false information during the conflict.

During the recent decades, you will be reminded of the reports of the infestation of Iraq’s Mahavinash’s weapons or the children who died in Kuwait.

Do you remember the Rikhstog firefight or Zimmerman Telegram of World War I before the Second World War?

This intelligence brigade is good but forgot to hide its footprints. The source of all the stories in the Rohingya case is the Facebook page of the head of Myanmar Army.

What are the lessons of this story for the media? Those facts that are sacred, no one can comment.

General said, Rohiniya responsible for the crisis

Rohiniya Crisis: Is Modi playing a Hindu card?


Why are you running away from all this people?
(Ravi Nair is affiliated to the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Center

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