Arun Jaitley: How does a person’s kidney fit in another?

_100762264_gettyimages-852059448-1.jpgTreatment is underway due to complications and infections related to my kidney. That’s why I am currently living in the controlled environment of the house. The doctor will decide what treatment is to be done next. ”

Arun Jaitley had tweeted four days ago by tweeting the country and the world that they are facing problems related to kidneys.

After this, it was reported on Sunday that Union Finance Minister has been placed on dialysis in AIIMS and his kidney transplant is to be done.

Earlier transplant surgery was due on Sunday, but Jaitley has diabetes, so there is a delay. Jaitley has got a kidney specialist, but his identity has been kept confidential.

Kidney Responsibilities?

But what is kidney transplant? How can this succeed or fail? How is a kidney removed from one body and used to work in another?

As we know, there are two kidneys in the human body and if one of these fails or is removed then the work can still be done.


Kidney bean shaped organ, which is on both sides of the spine It is generally believed that it is near the stomach but in fact it is in the back of the intestine and behind the stomach.

Every kidney is four or five inches. Their main job is to cleanse the blood, that means they work continuously. These remove the waste, besides maintaining the body’s fluid balance, maintains the right level of electrolytes. The blood of the body passes through it several times a day.

What are nephrons?
The blood reaches the kidney, the West goes away, and adjusts the level of salt, water and mineral if needed. The West varies from piss and comes out of the body.

It is also possible that the kidney is functioning at its own level of only 10 percent and the body does not even give its symptoms, in such cases many times the difficulties related to kidney severe infection and failure have long been known.

Every kidney has millions of small filters called nephron. If the blood stops going to the kidney, then that part of it can stop working. This can lead to kidney failure.

What is kidney transplant and how?

Kidney transplant is the name of the procedure in which the person is removed from the body of the kidney and then cast into the body of another, whose kidney has stopped working or is going to get worse.

Usually chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, then transplant is needed. In the case of Arun Jaitley, dialysis is done before performing this operation.

This is actually a procedure related to cleansing, which is necessary before transplant. However, there seems to be trouble and time.

But is this process so easy, as much as it seems to talk about? The answer is no, no.

Not easy but complete process

According to Dr DS Rana of the Nephrology Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, the most important of this process is that of a person whose both kidneys should be fully healthy. This person is a donor.

He said, “Generally a person who donates a kidney is intelligent but it is not necessary. Apart from this, it is equally important that they are doing it voluntarily. ”

What is the significance of blood and blood group in kidney transplant, Dr. Rana said, “Blood and blood donation of patients and donors should be one, it is good.”

“Or the donor should be a blood group, which is called the Universal Donor Blood Group. However, despite not having a blood match, both kidney transplants can happen. ”

How many hours is the operation?

If Arun Jaitley passes through a kidney transplant, then how long will this operation take, he said, “It takes two to four hours, and as soon as the kidney starts working, the patient’s recovery begins. And the donor is usually discharged after four or five days. ”

But after the kidney transplant, the patient remains normal? Doctor Rana told that the process of kidney transplantation is not normal. In this, you remove one vital part from one body and put it in another body, then it is complex.

He said, “The danger of Kidney Rejection is always there. In the first hundred days of kidney transplant, the risks are higher but later it may also happen. The probability of successful kidney transplant even after one year is about 90%. ”


Which people can have kidney transplant?

According to the UK’s National Health Service, the age difference does not matter in terms of kidney removal from one body to another but these things are important:

Patients have the ability to withstand the effects and effects of surgery
After the transplant it has the potential to succeed
Patients preparing for post-operative medicines and treatment
If there is any pre-infection then it is treated first
In case of kidney failure, one in three people can go through the process of transplantation
Where does the kidney come from?

If a person who is donating a kidney is alive then the operation is pre-prepared but if Kis

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