Afridi tweet on Kashmir and serious response from gambhir

_100688718_pic.jpgSome people are praising the Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi on the social media and some are taking him back.

This is because of their tweet on India-administered Kashmir, in which they have claimed that there is a situation creating fear among India-administered Kashmir, so the United Nations (UN) should intervene here.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi tweeted on Tuesday, “There is a situation of fear in India-administered Kashmir, the situation is very bad, innocent people are being shot so that an independent voice can be suppressed. And other international organizations? Why do not they say anything against this bloody cloak? ”

Tweets in support and protest

Afriadi had tweeted that there were many tweets in support and opposition.

Suneet Srivastava commented on his tweet, “Being a respected person and a cricketer, you should not engage in political situations and focus on the betterment of Pakistan.”
Abid Bukhru wrote, “Thank you so much for sympathy from the heart, Shahid Bhai.”
There are thousands of replies on this tweet on Afriadi. Some people justified the affair. But the ‘googly’ was thrown by Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir.

Gautam Gambhir tweeted, “People of the media have asked me to comment on Afridi’s tweet about our Kashmir, and also on the UN. What is to be said? Afriadi is referring to the UN, whose The meaning is ‘Under Nineteen’. The media can rest, Shahid Afridi is celebrating a no-ball and taking a wicket. ”
But people did not even leave Gautam Gambhir. Some began to comment on their support, so many started telling him the history.

Giz Khan wrote, “What do you mean by our Kashmir? Do you know that Afri-Bhai brothers belong to the special Pathan tribe, who liberated Kashmir free from the Indian-administered security forces in 1948. Nevertheless, I would soon go to buy property in Azad Kashmir. Stop it, stop it. ”
At the same time, some people also spoke about the alleged atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan. Sudip Sengupta has written, “What did Gautam Gambhir say, did you reply? Dada, I too think that we should reply to atrocities against the people of Balochistan.”
Shahid Afriyadi’s tweet was reprinted by the tens of thousands of people and 11 thousand people. At the same time, Gautam Gambhir’s tweet has been re-tweeted by more than 10 thousand people and more than 22 thousand people have been liked.

In response to Afri’s tweet, some people were also tweeting one of their old videos and photos, in which they had photographed in Switzerland with Indian fans and tricolor.

Some people would say that the aphids immediately turn out. After all, Shahid Afridi has tweeted another tally on Tuesday night. In which he uploaded the picture taken with Indian fans and the tricolor.

He tweeted, “We respect everyone, and this is an example of being a player. But when it comes to human rights, we hope that it will be the same for our innocent Kashmiris.

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