Why are Jackiene’s two two … why are the viewers scared?

The return of ‘Mohini’ in Bollywood is happening on the big screen after 29 years. In the 1980s, the new incarnation of this cinematic character, which has been ruling the hearts of the audience, has been done by the great people.

Mohini has not been very successful in capturing the new generation audience with some of his glimpses on Indian television and YouTube. Right now, people of the era of ‘Mohini’ are accusing the producer of playing with their childhood memories.

The new charming people are less likely to express affection and anger over their style.

The song ‘One Two Three …’ has been released on YouTube for four days, and the number of those watched has reached hundreds of crores.

By the morning of the morning it has seen nearly 20 million people, but most people have expressed resentment over the filming of the song.
The new song, released in 1988, is a remake of the film ‘Tezab’s song’ One Two Three … ‘, which made Madhuri Dixit a night star.

The film was blockbuster hit. This item was filmed on Songgale Fernandes in Rebel 2. Now the audience is comparing them with the indigenous song Madhuri Dixit.

While people are dislike Jackin ‘s adolescence, some people are also criticizing choreography.

People on social media and YouTube have told it to kill Madhuri’s song. People are expressing their reaction to #ekdoteen.

Film Critique and Trade Analyst has written on Twitter that the song is being negative publicity of the film. Songs should be removed from the movie.


Sumit kadel

Audience are offended with #Ekdoteen from # Baaghi2. Never look like outrage on social media for a reputable version of yesteryear iconic song. The makers should remove the song from the film if possible..They should seriously consider it. It’s giving negative publicity to the film

9:37 pm – 20 March 2018 · Kolkata, India
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Posted by Twitter at @SumitkadeI
Twitter Handle @theClaiire told the original song better. He has written that Madhuri’s song is iconic because it does not show women as the object of desire. But this song is inverted.


lost soul
The reason why original #EkDoTeen is such an iconic song Madhuri dances beautifully in a quirky and fun way The newer version of the exact opposite 🤦🏻♀️

10:50 pm – March 19, 2018
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Post twitter @theClaiire
Pramod Bagh has shared a picture of Madhuri, in which he has a gun in his hands. He wrote, “New one or two … after watching Madhuri.”


pramod bagade
@ pramodbagade1
Madhuri dixit after watching Ek Do Teen #EkDoTeen

12:22 pm – 16th of March 2018
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Post Twitter end @ pramodbagade1
Tezab’s director Khaha
The movie Tezab’s song has been released on YouTube on January 6, 2014, which has so far received 30 million views. In this song, Madhuri is counting the number of pics in her boyfriend’s intuition, but the new song is considered to be a little too bold.

This song is reminding people of their childhood. Some people are also reacting that Jacqueline’s song is playing with her beautiful memories of childhood.

Even before this, there has been a remake of songs in Bollywood, but with the release, so much controversy has rarely happened with any song.

Not only this, the film Tezab’s director N Chandra is also upset with the filming of new songs. At the same time, the original song choreographer Saroj Khan is talking about taking legal action against the remake.


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